'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Norseman Cometh
 'Chuck' Fan Columnist: The Norseman Cometh
Kaye David
Kaye David
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As things come to a head leading up to Chuck and Sarah's wedding and a final showdown versus Vivian Volkoff, the penultimate episode was mostly quiet, laying down the groundwork for a killer finale. (And yes, let's keep our fingers crossed for a fifth season renewal!)

"Everything is perfect. Nothing can go wrong," says Sarah. And immediately, clang, crash, scream! Boy, did she ever need a piece of wood to knock on at that moment. Because, as the ending revealed, things have gone horribly wrong for our favorite spy couple. Let's back up a bit.

Wedding Planner 

Ellie does her best impression of JLo, Bluetooth earpiece and all. She's keeping things in line so that Chuck and Sarah don't need to stress about their wedding. But as spies, there's no such luck. They find out that Mary has been taken into custody by Vivian inside a Colombian mine. No bueno. They make plans to extract her immediately.

Did anyone else love that Casey, Sarah, and Chuck arrive in Colombia on a Partridge Family-like bus? And that no one seems to notice or care? Hilarious. They manage to locate the mine's entrance that's heavily guarded and guess that Mary is being held there. 

Eventually, Mary's found, but she doesn't want to leave without the Norseman. The nation's security depends on it, she reasons. Vivian comes around to the cell moments later, and Riley urges her to kill Mary. The gang springs into action, and Vivian learns that Chuck is Mary's son. 

"The woman who betrayed my father is the mother of the man who's betrayed me?" asks Vivian. And yes, I had to pause and rewind a few times to get that. Talk about a mouthful. Eventually, everyone gets the heck out of there, leaving Vivian and Riley trapped inside the cell.

He is-a Mario

Word on the street is that Vivian plans to sell the Norseman in Moscow. And what do you know, one of the men expected at the meeting, Etorre La Barba, looks a lot like our bearded friend, Morgan. Obvious question: can we please have Morgan do impersonations more often? He practices his Eye-talian, and bada boom, he's off. Cue the Darth Vader theme!

Casey's a jerk (he's just concerned because of Alex, you see), but rightfully so, because Vivian and Riley use the Norseman to kill the men in attendance. Except Morgan (and another MI6 agent who's found out and quickly killed). Casey uses his amazing shooting skills (handicapped by a drawn shade, no less!) to get Morgan out of there.

Outside, Chuck and Sarah ram into Vivian's car to grab the Norseman, and Vivian learns that Chuck's dad was responsible for creating the program that changed her father. Uh-oh, I smell vengeance in the air.

Raise Your Glass

It's rehearsal dinner time! Mary makes a lovely speech praising her future daughter-in-law and everyone oohs and aahs over Jeff's surprisingly good video montage. (Yes, Jeffster has collected over 1,250 hours of Sarah related footage. Voyeur, candid, and nip slips ... of Chuck. That's terrifying, but not entirely surprising.)

See Jeff's vision here.

Then, Chuck gets a call that changes everything. Vivian apparently has another Norseman device and plans to make Chuck feel the pain of losing someone he loves. He pleads with her, thinking she's targeting his mother. But then Sarah suddenly clutches her head, the blood coming out of her nose, and she faints.

Suddenly, Casey's earlier quote seems utterly appropriate: "I've got a bad feeling about this."

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What's going to happen? We can assume Sarah won't die, right? Right?! Sound off on your thoughts about this episode and the upcoming finale in the comments below.

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