'Chuck' Executive Producer Chris Fedak Talks Tears and Teasers
'Chuck' Executive Producer Chris Fedak Talks Tears and Teasers
Christi Kassity
Christi Kassity
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In a matter of days fans around the world will be saying goodbye to Chuck. It has been five great years that carry a lot of memories for both the fans as well as the cast and crew. I spoke with co-creator and executive producer Chris Fedak on set last month where he shared his thoughts on five amazing years and some teasers about the finale.
During the final days of filming it was no secret that there were many tears on set. Zachary Levi was unashamed to share his emotion with his Twitter followers, so he was everybody's guess when it came to who cried the most on set. "You know, you'd think it would be Zac, but Yvonne has been our weak link," said Fedak, adding, "We were on set filming what is going to be the final scene of the series, and [Yvonne] was crying, she turns to me and says 'Say something funny,' and I had to turn to her and say 'Josh [Schwartz] handles the funny! I handle the action!'"

The beginning of the end really started last week with "Chuck vs. The Bullet Train" and that emotional momentum will take us through to the finale. Fedak says about the first hour of the finale double-part, "In our second-to-last episode it's very much an intimate thriller. There are a lot of very exciting things that are happening just within our core, usual home bases." He wouldn't elaborate.

So what about the finale? This show was given an opportunity that not a lot of shows get: They get to write their own ending. It isn't an ending that just happens to be an ending because the network pulled the plug. We asked Chris Fedak to give us something to sink our teeth into, something we could give the fans without completely giving it away.

Fedak graciously offered this: "[The finale is] an episode haunted by previous seasons, so you're going to find a lot of echos... The first half of the night is very much a contained thriller. then [in the final episode] every act will have echos of past seasons and you'll see how we fold that into the whole story and the narrative will all make sense... As we were working on the episode in the writers room we wanted something that played to the entire show not just this season." Maybe it's time I marathon my Chuck DVD's before the finale so I am prepared to catch all of the echos and hat-tips to previous seasons.

It has been an emotional roller coaster for the fans who have been steadfast and die-hard. If it wasn't already a giveaway that we would cry, then surely this will have us stocking up on Kleenex.

Fedak was asked, straight up, are the fans going to cry? He replied, "This has always been a big emotional show. These characters -- Zac and Yvonne and the rest of our cast have made them such human beings. They are such full characters that I think that if this wasn't a tear-filled finale then we wouldn't have been doing our jobs." So take that as a firm "Yes."

The ending has been known since the season 4 finale and has changed very little, according to Chris Fedak. He said they also wanted to make sure everybody got their send off, so everybody is in the last episode. They have even brought back Bonita Friedericy (General Beckman). "I wanted to make sure we had those wrap-ups and to know where everybody is going and where they are... or if they are still alive."

When I asked Fedak what was next for him, he shared that he was working on a couple of other projects with Josh Schwartz. "We have some ideas that are equally as strange and quirky and fun and hopefully somebody will want to turn them into a TV show. We are also working on a movie together." I didn't ask further because, frankly, as far as I was concerned Chuck wasn't finished quite yet, and I just wanted him to worry about that first. 

Like the show's cast, Chris Fedak expressed his love and gratitude for the fans for supporting the show. In response to the online uproar about the cast breaking off and going their separate ways he joked "Calm down, everything's fine. We'll find another television show and be great. Just wait -- you don't have to watch TV again until we come back. You don't have to watch anything. We will come back and give you a new TV show." (Though I'm sure if Josh had been there he would have asked that you all still watch Hart of Dixie and Gossip Girl).

The 2-hour Chuck series finale airs this Friday, January 27 at 8/7c on NBC. It will be a tissue-grabber, so come prepared.

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