Carrie-Anne Moss Talks About Becoming a 'Chuck' Spy
Carrie-Anne Moss Talks About Becoming a 'Chuck' Spy
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Now that Chuck season 5 is underway, it's time to start rolling out the guest stars. While there are many big names scheduled to appear on the show, the first recurring character of the season will be played by Matrix star Carrie-Anne Moss.

Moss, who will play mercenary spy boss Gertrude Verbanski on several episodes this season, makes her Chuck debut in "Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit." During a recent press event on the set of Chuck, Carrie-Anne Moss spoke to reporters about her character, the show and being a love interest for one John Casey.

Moss' Gertrude Verbanski shows up as a major rival to the fledgling Carmichael Industries. A much more successful rival, especially in the character's mind. "She's so superior," said Carrie-Anne Moss. "In her mind, in her techniques, in her whole outfit." This superiority extends to Chuck as well. According to Moss, "She doesn't respect him at all. She just thinks that he is useless."


Verbanski's attitude toward John Casey is a little different. The two spies have an old attraction that is soon rekindled. As Carrie-Anne Moss described it:

"There's a lot of energy between myself and John Casey that's... complicated and based on some past experiences. And, you know, he and I have this sort of torrid energy together that's... You know, he's so gruff and tough, and so is she. I think they kind of bring out something else in each other... They're both so dominant. It definitely brings out another side of him... They're cut from the same cloth. I mean, you walk into her office, and Casey could live there."

However, it hasn't been all love and superiority for Carrie-Anne Moss on the Chuck season 5 set so far. There has been some plot-significant interaction with Morgan ("He's just fantastic... I love that I'm so much taller than him.") as well as heavy-duty action scenes. One scene (in episode 3, "Chuck vs. the Frosted Tips") reminded Moss of her work in The Matrix:

"When I read I was going to have to fight, I was like oh! I knew it had action in it... At first I was kind of really like no. No. I'm fighting on a rooftop? No. There's a helicopter on there? No. Where's my sunglasses? But then they found all these ways to make it different."

It turns out that Moss isn't quite the action-ready heroine that one might think from her most famous movie role. This came up when she arrived at Chuck for some of her more aggressive scenes. "People meet me who don't know me, and they literally just hand me a gun," Moss commented. "I'm like, 'Actually, no. I hate guns. I hate shooting them. I hate holding them. Even in The Matrix, I hated it.' I'm not a gun girl."

Still, Carrie-Anne Moss had nothing but positive things to say about her overall experience working on Chuck:

"It's been really fun. I love the show for their ability to do this kind of wacky, action-y, character-driven heart. At the same time, I mean the fact that they can do that -- I was watching the episodes before I came to do it. Like wow! I mean, they're doing something really unique"

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"Chuck vs. the Bearded Bandit" airs on Friday, November 4 at 8pm.

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