NBC Renews 'Revolution,' 'Parenthood' and 3 More Dramas
NBC Renews 'Revolution,' 'Parenthood' and 3 More Dramas
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
NBC is finally making decisions for next season, and it's first move was renewing five of its current dramas for the 2013-2014 TV season. Law and Order: SVU, Grimm, Parenthood and freshman dramas Revolution and Chicago Fire were all picked up. They will all get a full 22-episode season next year.

Perhaps the most surprising of these is Parenthood, renewed for season 5. The critically-acclaimed drama has been relatively weak in the ratings and has had a decreasing order by the network. Season 2 had a full 22 episodes, but season 3 was just 18 and season 4 was down to 15. Still, the renewal of what most people would say is the network's best drama is an exciting decision sure to keep the critics on NBC's good side. This will also mark only the second time in the show's five-season run that it will have a full 22-episode season.

Revolution and Chicago Fire were NBC's two big successes of this season, so both of them being renewed for season 2 is no surprise.

Law and Order: SVU was renewed for an impressive 15th season, keeping it as the longest-running drama currently on TV. However, it will still need another five seasons before matching the original.

Finally, Grimm is becoming NBC's secret weapon, getting renewed for a third season. The show, moved to Fridays in season 2, is now being moved to Tuesdays at 10pm after The Voice to finish out its second season, a sign that the network has a lot of faith in it.

The fact that these five dramas were renewed bodes poorly for the dramas not on the list, especially Smash (which still isn't officially canceled, despite being moved to Saturdays) and Deception (a show that NBC probably already forgot was ever on). It's too soon to tell for Hannibal, though the ratings are slipping very, very quickly now that it's airing against new episodes of Elementary and Scandal.

There's also no word yet on NBC's comedy line-up, so fans of Parks and Recreation, Community, Go On, etc will have to keep waiting to find out if those shows will return.

In other NBC news, the remaining episodes of the Jekyll and Hyde drama Do No Harm (which was cancelled after just two episodes) will air Saturdays at 10pm starting June 29.

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