'Two and a Half Men' Star Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab
'Two and a Half Men' Star Charlie Sheen Enters Rehab
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Charlie Sheen is once again the subject of controversy. After being charged with domestic violence originating from a squabble with wife Brooke Mueller last Christmas, the Two and a Half Men star has now checked himself into rehab. 

Though the reason for Sheen's treatment has not been clarified, his rep describes it as a "preventative measure," adding that the 44-year-old actor "will take some time off his series Two and a Half Men."

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This is the third time Sheen has resorted to treatment facilities. While his previous rehab stint was due to drugs and alcohol abuse, his latest admission seems to relate to the "emotional fallout from the domestic violence case and his desire to avoid temptation," according to a source. Come to think out it, entering rehab makes perfect sense for Sheen, who is likely to return behind bars if he violates his bail terms.  

"Charlie is stressed. He's tired. The kids are on his mind. Brooke's on his mind," the source tells People. "A lot of things are on his mind. He didn't want to get a place where he had the urge to get high. He's not using and he doesn't want to. He felt like he needed to get away from negative influences around him and clear his head, rest and take a short break."

As for Two and a Half Men, production of the show "will be temporarily suspended," according to a statement from CBS and the show's producer, Warner Bros. Television. "We wish him nothing but the best as he deals with this personal matter."

Meanwhile, Sheen's wife, Brooke Mueller, is also in rehab.

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