Exclusive Interview: Shar Jackson, Winner of 'Celebrity Rap Superstar'
Exclusive Interview: Shar Jackson, Winner of 'Celebrity Rap Superstar'
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Last night, Shar Jackson became the winner of Celebrity Rap Superstar, triumphing over The Girls Next Door star Kendra Wilkinson. Throughout the competition, Shar was the breakout star, delivering one awe-inspiring performance after another that left the judges saying she didn't need the title, she already was a Celebrity Rap Superstar.

Less than 24 hours after her victory, Shar spoke with BuddyTV about her time on the show, her plans for the future, and what she thinks about all the drama between her baby-daddy Kevin Federline and his latest ex, Britney Spears. Below you will find an mp3 audio file of the interview, as well as some of the highlights.

-After the show ended, Shar kissed her kids, put them to bed, then went out and really celebrated with the adults.

Shar had no expectation of winning, describing herself as the Riddler because of all the question marks surrounding her.

-The reason Shar agreed to do the show was because of her dear friend Lamont Bentley. A fellow actor with her on Moesha, Lamont died two years ago in a car accident, Shar said that his one true passion was rap. “When they brought this idea to me, the first thing I thought of was him and how, if he had this opportunity, he would do it without even thinking about it. So I figured the next best thing was to let him do it through me.”

-Though Shar took Celebrity Rap Superstar seriously, she also had fun, and she always tries to do both in anything she does.

--The best advice from MC Lyte, Shar's rap mentor, was to build up her armor and be able to take anything that came up during a performance. “When we were at practice, she would just randomly throw comments out and yell and talk real loud in my ear and all kinds of crazy things just to keep me focused.”

-Shar's favorite performer was Sebastian Bach. She was impressed with his stage presence, and even though he had an obvious advantage, being a trained musician, he still worked hard every week.

-Regarding all the questions she's received about her ex and father of two of her children Kevin Federline and his recent troubles with his new ex-wife Britney Spears, Shar responds: “I really don't have anything to say about that because that's not my life, I'm not connected to that situation. That's a situation between those two individuals, I'm connected to one of those individuals, and that's as far as my connection goes.”

-For her future, Shar plans to continue acting, as that is her primary goal, but she may also pursue a rap career. When asked about a potential album, she revealed that she recently put the final touches on a complete version of her original song “Let It Blow.” Without giving too much away, she simply added, “There's some stuff being thrown around right now, so I'm really excited.”

-Interview conducted by John Kubicek
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