'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: Which Guys Do the Women Target First?
'Celebrity Big Brother' Recap: Which Guys Do the Women Target First?
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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The second episode of the Celebrity Big Brother three-night premiere keeps the action going. The new Recast Power twist is revealed and the first HoH nominates two HGs for eviction. And as we saw in the premiere, there's a powerful all-female alliance that is going after the men. These things don't usually last more than two or three weeks, but the finale is only 17 days away, so maybe there's a chance.

The Gift Bag Twist

The new twist is rather convoluted. Before the nomination ceremony, a star will appear on the screen and the first person to run into the diary room and say they want to open their gift bag will get to do it. If they have the Recast Power, they will take over for the HoH and have to immediately make their nominations (though the dethroned HoH would be safe). If multiple people go in, a random draw will decide which one gets to open their bag.

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It's very similar to the Tree of Temptation twist from season 19, which was a total disaster. The girls are freaking out because they want to keep the power and take out a guy, so Marissa comes up with the plan for all of the women to go for it to increase their odds of being randomly chosen.

Guys vs. Girls

The girls assume the guys are going to work together and vice versa. The gender divide is obvious and massive. James knows Chuck from outside of the house and proposes an alliance, the Celebrators. It's insanely dumb and the editors mock James for it. The entire episode really paints James as supremely douche as he constantly makes "jokes" about how great and amazing he is.

Shannon decides to rope in Ross to work with the girls, making it 7 against 4. Ross is on board and agrees to be a spy, collecting information from the men.

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The other four guys realize that they're outnumbered and they need to socialize with the women, so Chuck has a spa day with the ladies and Metta gets his nails done. But when James, Mark, Chuck and Metta meet up, they know they're screwed and James announces himself as the villain by whining about how the women are emasculating them. I'm almost starting to feel sorry for James because he is coming across in such a negative light and that's the opposite of why he agreed to be on this show.

The Men Talk to Shannon

Mark tries to suck up to Shannon, but he then tells her that James and her are the two biggest threats in the game. She then somehow gets him to consider volunteering as a pawn.

Chuck talks to Shannon and he's just as bad as Mark, admitting that he sees the house as 7 vs. 4. This confirms Shannon's thoughts that the guys are working together, even though she clearly has the numbers on her side. James also talks to Shannon about his fear of a girl alliance, but he denies that there's a guy alliance.

He says that she's a strong competitor like him, and it sounds like he's proposing that they work together. But she thinks he's calling her a threat, so he is now her primary target because he's young and strong.

When Metta talks to Shannon, he says that he can't do this and misses his wife, so he wants her to nominate him so he can be evicted and go home. This just makes Shannon want to keep him because he doesn't care at all.

Why are the women so scared of the men? They're all idiots.

The Redemption of Omarosa

Omarosa talks to Shannon about how being loyal to one man (Trump) cost her 100 other friends. Keshia comes in too and Omarosa is really throwing the White House under the bus to paint herself as the victim.

Omarosa brings up the fact that Keshia has defended Bill Cosby and that it's the same as her relationship with Trump, so she won't be judged by her. I didn't expect the show to address those issues in such a head-on way.

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Later, Omarosa chats with Ross and she gets emotional while talking about her time in the White House. She knows that people are afraid and hate her because she was a part of the Trump administration, but that wasn't her goal. Ross feels sympathy for her, but he isn't sure if this is real or an act.

Omarosa also throws Trump and his family under the bus, saying she only did it for her country, not him, and that she was haunted by his tweets. She tells Ross that "It's bad" and everyone should be worried because it's not going to be OK. She makes the full turn to heroine by saying that never in a million years would she vote for Trump again.

Wow, Omarosa is saying everything she needs to say in order  to get a lot of people on her side. Whether it's real or a strategy, her chances of winning the game just went from 0 percent to pretty good. Everyone loves a redemption story.

The Recast Plan

The women and Ross meet up and discuss the plan. Shannon proposes that they nominate Mark and Metta as pawns to backdoor James. Shannon goes around to Mark, Chuck and James, telling them that the plan is for Mark to be a pawn and Metta to be the target since he wants to go home, convincing them not to use their gift bags.

Keshia mentions that if James or Chuck goes for the gift bag, they can be nominated because they broke the deal. And then Ross and all the women will go in as well to force a random draw.

Chuck decides to go for the gift bag. Ross and most of the women also decide to open theirs to cancel him out, but Marissa doesn't. James and Mark both stick to their deal with Shannon.

A random chip is chosen to decide which of the six people who wanted to open the bags will get to do it at the nomination ceremony.

The Nomination Ceremony

At the nomination ceremony, Keshia reveals that she won the random draw. She opens it and gets the Recast Power, dethroning Shannon and becoming the new HoH. It also ends the gift bag twist.

Keshia immediately has to nominate two HGs. Keshia nominates James and Chuck. She says it's because they're two of the strongest people in the house.

Chuck went for the bag, but James got royally screwed because he honored his end of the deal and is still targeted.  He says that the girls just declared war on the guys. Metta also sees this as an act of war because Keshia didn't nominate him even though he wanted to go home. That's idiotic, but to be fair to James, the girls did start this gender war.

Do you think aligning with the girls is smart for Ross, or will they just save him for last and then evict him?

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