Fiction Smashes Reality: Richard Castle Is Online
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
It's a safe bet that that people behind Castle do not want you to know where reality ends and fiction begins. Castle plays poker with real bestselling novelists. You can purchase Richard Castle's first two Nikki Heat novels (with a third coming out in September). And now you can visit Richard Castle's official website.

Pretty impressive for a guy who doesn't actually exist.

The new website, located at, appears to be your standard author promotional site. You can purchase his books (the two that actually exist, anyway) from an real, legitimate publishing company's site. There are news items about Richard Castle's "real" life. Questions posted to the author receive answers. The site even includes a brief autobiography of the author, detailing his early years.

It's enough to make your head spin when you remember that Richard Castle does not exist.

Once you get past the reality-bending parts, however, it's kind of a fun site. And, since it's new, we can hope that even more content will surface over time. For now, some highlights:

  • A synopsis of the newest "Nikki Heat" novel, Heat Rises (available for real-world purchase later this year).
  • Castle's choices as to who would play him in a "Nikki Heat" movie: himself, George Clooney or Jonah Hill.
  • A news report detailing how Castle used "writer ingenuity and sheer bravado" to defuse that bomb we saw in "Countdown."
  • Castle's inspirations. They include the Hardy Boys, Bob Dylan and Homer.
  • The title of Castle's first book (written at age 6): Booger Man, the Man Made of Boogers.
  • Every last one of Richard Castle's 25 novels. Unfortunately, all but the "Nikki Heat" books are "out of print."

It's crazy, but the Richard Castle website may also be brilliant. Assuming that the Castle producers (or ABC or whatever evil geniuses are behind the website) return to update the content frequently, we could be looking at a singularly fun, fictional website. And more Castle is always a good thing.

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