'Castle' Videos: Check Out Episode 3 -- 'Secret's Safe with Me'
'Castle' Videos: Check Out Episode 3 -- 'Secret's Safe with Me'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Are any secrets actually safe on a show like Castle? Judging from these videos from Castle season 5, episode 3, probably not. Someone finds out about Castle and Beckett! We learn about Captain Gates' strange hobby! There's murder (of course)! See glimpses of it all in these 6 videos from "Secret's Safe with Me."

The first of the videos is a general promo for the upcoming Castle episode.

What do we learn from these brief glimpses into "Secret's Safe with Me"?

  • The murder victim wrote a message in blood before dying.
  • A storage unit (and apparently an episode of Storage Wars) will play a major role in the episode.
  • Castle carries around a lot of cash in his wallet.
  • Castle and Beckett are going to have to restrain themselves a little better if they don't want people to find out about their relationship.

That's all for the promo, so why don't we take a look at some clips from this Castle episode. The first video shows a scene at the Castle home -- Alexis is going off to college!

Ding-ding-ding! We have a winner in the "Who will figure out about Castle and Beckett first?" sweepstakes. That would be Martha, of course. As it turns out, she totally knew Beckett was in that closet during the Castle season 5 premiere.

The real question is: Will Castle manage to tell Alexis about the sex?

Alas, these videos do not give us an answer, and the next one takes us directly to the murder scene.

Am I the only one whose brain immediately thought of L.I.E. -- the Long Island Expressway? Although, of Castle's theories, I prefer the grammatical mistake.

The third video shows Castle making a bit of a faux pas in the police station.

  • Have we never seen Castle answer Beckett's phone before? Weird.
  • Judging from the conversation, it seems safe to say that Lanie hasn't figured out the relationship yet.
  • Of course Castle remembered the message without writing it down. He's good that way.
  • What exactly did Castle find in Beckett's desk? A voodoo doll?
  • Trust Castle to make an appropriately immature joke about seeing Beckett's "stuff."

The fourth video gives us a look at the results of that storage battle seen in the promo. Looks like Castle did in fact win the auction.

Captain Gates has a doll collection? I so didn't see that one coming!

Apparently, this is an extremely important doll collection, judging by Gates' demeanor in the final video.

Will Gates like Castle from now on? Is this some weird trick to get information on what's going on between Castle and Beckett? Could a single doll actually be that transformative?

I have no clue. But we'll find out when the next Castle episode, "Secret's Safe with Me," airs on Monday, October 8 at 10pm on ABC.

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