'Castle' Video: What Did Ryan's Gun Do in 'Kick the Ballistics'?
'Castle' Video: What Did Ryan's Gun Do in 'Kick the Ballistics'?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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On tonight's episode of Castle, "Kick the Ballistics," the long-absent (since early in season 3 anyway) 3XK serial killer returns in a grim way. Castle season 4 thus reprises one of the show's only unfinished murder plots. Will the detectives earn a better outcome than before? A preview video released by ABC indicates that things might instead be a little grim.

Check out the video below:

Poor Ryan. And he looked so proud of his interrogation techniques just a moment before Beckett told him about the gun!

If you need a little more background for this video, the official episode description for "Kick the Ballistics" tells us that the detectives are investigating a murder victim (the "Jane" mentioned in the video) when they find out she was shot by Detective Ryan's gun. That same gun -- along with Ryan's police badge -- was stolen by the 3XK serial killer during season 3's "3XK" episode -- and hasn't been seen since.

Does this mean that Jerry Tyson, the 3XK serial killer, will make another appearance on Castle? Did he do the shooting investigated in "Kick the Ballistics?" Or was it another killer, someone who just got hold of Ryan's gun secondhand? Will Ryan and the rest find any closure this time?

Most importantly, can the return of the 3XK storyline work for Castle?

The show actually has a pretty strong track record for resurrecting plots after months of dormancy. The most obvious example is that of Beckett's mother's murder. Introduced early in the first season, the ever-widening conspiracy has resurfaced only periodically throughout the series.

Considering how the first "3XK" episode ended, viewers had to know that it would come back. For one thing, Beckett and Castle did not get their man. That's just unacceptable on a show like Castle. And then there were the endings faced by two of the main characters, Castle himself and Detective Ryan. Jerry Tyson spent some quality time messing with Castle's head, then left the man struggling with guilt over having failed to solve the crime. Ryan seemingly got off easier -- being knocked out for most of the final encounter -- but tonight's episode indicates that the story may just be worse for Ryan in the long run.

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Will 3XK return? How guilty will Ryan be over his gun's involvement in a murder? Will Castle share in that guilt? Share your thoughts and comments below!

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