'Castle' Video: Fighting, Corpses and Kinky Captivity in 'Cuffed'
'Castle' Video: Fighting, Corpses and Kinky Captivity in 'Cuffed'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Next week's episode of Castle, "Cuffed," certainly looks like a winner. After all, episodic photos mostly show Castle and Beckett handcuffed together in a dark, creepy room. How will they escape? How did they get there? And what fun relationship drama can we expect before they break free? Three preview videos for the episode give some clue as to what might be going on in "Cuffed."

The first video takes place at the initial crime scene, a seedy hotel that makes the perfect setting for the discovery of a dead body.

My childhood advent calendars had candy, pretty pictures and toys behind the doors. I prefer that to Castle's death-filled version.

The second video gives us a glimpse into Lanie's examination of the victim's remains.

In addition to featuring some truly unpleasant-looking fingertips, we get to see Castle's inappropriate and insatiable curiosity at work. Considering the unintelligibility of Lanie and Esposito's earlier argument, you can understand why he would question it. Will Castle find out the cause of the conflict before the episode ends?

The final video indicates that a colleague's fight might be the least of his concerns.

Click play below to see the beginning of Castle and Beckett's time spent cuffed together.

In only a few seconds, there is so very much that is good here:
  • I know people tend to be disoriented when they wake up, but how telling is it that both Beckett and Castle initially look happy at the prospect of waking up next to one another?
  • Considering the items that have gone missing, it's safe to say that the abduction of the pair occurred while investigating the case.
  • Kinky and funny are so very not the same thing.
  • Castle's coping strategies are very entertaining.
  • Does Beckett really think that Castle would recognize their dark, dank prison cell? He's not that kinky...

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"Cuffed" will air on Monday, December 5 at 10pm on ABC.

Why do Castle and Beckett end up handcuffed? What was the fight about? Will we finally get forward relationship momentum? Leave your comments below!

(Image courtesy of ABC, videos courtesy of ABC via Spoiler TV)