'Castle' Video: Castle and Beckett's Film-Noir Relationship in 'The Blue Butterfly'
'Castle' Video: Castle and Beckett's Film-Noir Relationship in 'The Blue Butterfly'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Will it take a trip back to the 1940s to finally get Castle and Beckett together?

As it turns out, it might take even more than that. A clip released from the next Castle episode, "The Blue Butterfly," gives us a look at the Castle stars in their 1940s-era alter egos. And they are still having trouble getting together! Keep reading for a sneak peek at "The Blue Butterfly."

WARNING: You're about to see a video from an upcoming Castle episode. Thus, it's a spoiler. Take that as you will and please refrain from posting nasty comments to the author of this piece. Thank you.

"The Blue Butterfly" takes an interesting path to solve Castle's murder of the week. The victim is found in an iconic club, and a private detective's diary from 1947 seems to indicate that a past crime might hold the answer to the present homicide.

Thus, we get a look inside Castle's imagined version of those past events -- with the Castle cast in the leading roles, of course.

In this clip, Castle's private detective and Beckett's leggy dame contemplate running away together. But there are complications. Of course. Check it out below:

It seems that, much like their present-day alter egos, the PI and the femme fatale are in complicated love. In this case, the complication is not personal issues but another man. 1947-Beckett is the girlfriend of a powerful man, and crossing him would be a very, very bad idea.

But maybe, just maybe, these two lovebirds can run away on the value of the bling-tastic butterfly necklace worn around the lady's neck.

Or maybe they can't. There is, after all, a murder coming our way.

Who are all of these people anyway? It's a tough call but here is a basic guide to the characters mentioned in the clip:
  • Joe = Castle, the PI
  • Betsy = Lanie, the nightclub singer
  • Dempsey = a sinister and probably criminal club owner, played by guest star Mark Pellegrino.

Will they get away with stealing the necklace? What crimes could possibly connect 1947 to the present day? How many times can olden-days Beckett say the name "Joe" in a single speech? We'll hopefully find out the answers to these questions when "The Blue Butterfly" airs on Monday, February 6 at 10pm on ABC.

(Image and video courtesy of ABC)