'Castle' Spoilers: Secrets, Lies and... Zombies?
'Castle' Spoilers: Secrets, Lies and... Zombies?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
There are only a handful of episodes remaining in Castle season 4. But the show is definitely going to make them count. Secrets will be exposed. Bombs (both literal and metaphorical) will explode. And a whole lot of things could get kind of weird.

WARNING: There are a lot of Castle season 4 spoilers in this article. Be cautious if you choose to proceed.

The Truth Comes Out
After a season of secret-keeping and deferred emotions, it looks like the truth is about to come out. What is the first secret to be revealed? Well, it's a big one.

No matter how important this secret has been, Castle's response to Beckett's non-specific admission seems to be a tad melodramatic. It's like the show is suddenly having a soap-opera moment.

I just hope that Castle won't be the one pretending not to hear after this. It's time for the secrecy to stop.

Will This End Everything?
Nope. Not according to the spoilers anyway.

E!Online spoke to Stana Katic on the issue of the frustratingly slow Castle-Beckett relationship. And she had good news -- you know, assuming that you like the whole romance thing. "Oh yeah, the end of this season you guys are going to be happy," she said. "Any Caskett fans out there: You will be happy!"

Happy is good.

But it's entirely possible that it will take some time and some work to get to any sort of "happy." According to TVLine, Beckett will be paying another visit to her therapist, Dr. Burke (Michael Dorn). That episode is expected to air in late April or early May.

Is there any chance that her relationship issues will not be a major topic of discussion?

So About Those Zombies...
Honestly, I have no clue of what Castle is doing with this one.

It is being reported (by E!Online) that one of the final Castle season 4 episodes will have a decidedly Walking Dead feel to it.

Does this mean that Castle and Beckett will have to stop some sort of potentially catastrophic disease? Will there be reanimated corpses?

Or could there be actual zombies?

Considering the weirdness we've seen from some Castle episodes, even zombies are possible. Probably not real zombies though. Probably.

Castle airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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