'Castle' Season 5 Spoilers: An Explosive Finale, Plus Beckett and Castle Question Their Relationship
'Castle' Season 5 Spoilers: An Explosive Finale, Plus Beckett and Castle Question Their Relationship
Michelle Carlbert
Michelle Carlbert
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Castle season 5 may only have a few more episodes left before going on summer hiatus, but we've got plenty of spoilers to keep you guessing about what's going to happen when this season draws to a close. 

Warning: Spoilers for Castle season 5 below!

An Explosive Episode

First up, we've got the teeniest tidbit from Eonline about episode 21 "Still.". Here is what they said: Our lips are sealed in regard to the finale (but we can tell you there's a bomb involved).

Here is another bit of info about the episode. Creator Andrew Marlowe told GiveMeMyRemote that "[It's] an emotionally charged episode. In the process of doing an investigation into a bombing, Beckett triggers a bomb and is put in a position where she can't move or the bomb is going to go off. It's a high- stakes, high-tension episode."

Update: Sorry for the confusion folks, looks like the quote from Eonline was possibly out of date, because though they mentioned the finale and explosives, they were apparently talking about Episode 21 "Still." So we've updated the info above to reflect that. Thanks for those who let us know in the comments! We strive to give you guys the best info possible so we appreciate it when you let us know if we get something wrong. You guys are awesome!

Castle and Beckett Question Where They are in Their Relationship

Next up, we have some info on where Castle and Beckett will be as a couple when this season ends. Here is what creator Andrew Marlowe told Wetpaint about what the couple might be thinking about during the last episodes of this season. 

"Well, in broad strokes, I think any couple who's been together going on a year starts asking questions about the relationship and what they're looking for in the future. If you're a guy, you tend to worry about making a long-term commitment, especially if he's had two failed marriages. If you're a woman, you start wondering, am I wasting my time on this relationship? Is there something else out there? Are we moving forward? Are we not moving forward? So I think that we look to explore some of those questions which are very human, very natural questions at the point in the relationship where these two characters are."

Ryan Keeping Baby News Under Wraps For Now

Jenny and Ryan found out they were expecting at the end of "The Wild Rover," but don't expect them to be sharing that information with all of their friends just yet. According to GiveMeMyRemote, Ryan and Jenny are going to be keeping that to themselves for the moment. "When people find out they're pregnant, they don't tell people right away. They're in that nervous-anxious period where they're waiting to get to the three months [of the pregnancy, when it's generally safer]. Most of that stuff is going to be unfolding next season, assuming all goes well and we're granted a next season." Marlowe told the site. 

More Info on the Bonus Episode

Fans were happy to hear that Castle would be getting another extra episode this season, bumping the season 5 run from 23 to 23 episodes (which had already been bumped back in October from 22 to 23 episodes). We have a bit more info about the episode, called "The Human Factor."

Here is some info about the episode, from http://www.spoilertv.com/2013/03/castle-episode-523-title-and-snippet.html: 

The story revolves around the murder of Carl Tobin, who is an anti-government activist who runs the site, Whistleblower Anonymous. The story also involves the use of drone technology and the US Military. We get to meet Carl's wife and son.

Well, it certainly sounds like we've got some exciting episodes of Castle coming up. What do you think now that you've heard some spoilers about the rest of season 5? What episode/storyline are you looking forward to seeing the most?

Castle airs on Monday nights at 10pm on ABC. 

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