'Castle' Season 4 News: Casting and Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes
'Castle' Season 4 News: Casting and Spoilers for Upcoming Episodes
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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With Castle season 4 off to an impressive start -- featuring episodes about frozen heads, comic-book killers and the return of 3XK -- we have to expect that things might get even better in the weeks to come. If the news reported below is any indication, this is indeed what will happen on Castle.

Jealousy Rears Its Head in "Eye of the Beholder"
In the episode airing on Monday, October 17, Beckett has to deal with the consequences of "not remembering" Castle's declaration of love. The mystery of the week brings Castle and Beckett into contact with an art investigator (Kristin Lehman) -- an art investigator who shows some interest in one Richard Castle.

Does Castle kiss another woman? Check out photos from "Eye of the Beholder" below!

Whatever happens (or doesn't happen) between Castle and this new lady, Beckett is going to feel some serious jealousy. According to a report from TVLine, Beckett even feels the need to bring up the subject in her first return to therapy (and therapist Michael Dorn) since the season 4 premiere.

Who You Gonna Call?
Castle likes its Halloween episodes, and the season 4 episode airing one week before the holiday (on Monday, October 24), brings the chills in style. The episode, entitled "Demons," finds Castle and Beckett investigating the murder of a ghost hunter. Could it be the ghosts that did it?

That's actually a possibility. Castle co-star Stana Katic told TVLine that "Castle believes that a ghost is behind the murder. Beckett doesn't." However, unless Castle is taking the series in a totally new direction, it's likely that the murderer is of the human variety.

Check out photos from "Demons" below!

Bank Robberies Are Crimes Too
The October 31 episode of Castle will be a bit of a departure from the standard format of the show. The episode finds Castle and his mother stuck in a bank vault during a robbery attempt. Beckett, of course, is soon on hand to save her partner from a fate (hopefully!) different from her usual murders.

TVGuide.com spoke to Castle creator and executive producer Andrew Marlowe about the episode: "Castle's trying to help Martha get a loan for her acting school when the bank is taken over. Beckett gets involved from the outside trying to negotiate the safety of all the hostages. Along the way there are lots of twists and turns."

So it does sound like a normal episode of Castle. Only without the usual murder.
Barry Livingston (best known for his childhood role of Ernie on My Three Sons) will guest star in the episode, entitled "Cops and Robbers."

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