'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers: What's Coming in the Premiere and Beyond
'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers: What's Coming in the Premiere and Beyond
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
After months of waiting, Castle finally returns tonight with new episodes for the show's fourth season. Will there finally be some resolution on Beckett's shooting, the conspiracy behind her mother's (and now Captain Montgomery's) murder, and Castle's desperate declaration of love?

Having seen the season 4 premiere of Castle, I can promise you that the answer is at least a partial yes. How much resolution do we get? You'll have to watch to find out. In the meantime, however, there are some hints I can give about things to come in the premiere episode and beyond.

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Season 4 Premiere Craziness
As you might expect after all of those cliffhangers at the end of season 3, tensions are running high in the new season. This means, mostly, a lot of over-the-top responses from everyone. As for some specifics...

The emotional distancing of Kate Beckett: First of all, SPOILER ALERT, she doesn't die. Not permanently anyway. But the aftermath of the shooting leads to a whole lot of recovery time for Beckett, and she's not particularly nice about it. Among those pushed away are best-friend Lanie, boyfriend Josh and, of course, Castle.

The sudden spurt of teenage pissy-ness from Alexis: If you've ever thought Alexis was far too even-tempered for a teenager, then this may be your season. Alexis' response to Beckett's shooting is mostly pretty self-centered. Basically, she acts like a true teenager (rolling eyes, parent ignoring and all).

The over-protectiveness of Castle: He tried to save Beckett from a bullet. That didn't work out so well. But it's evident, early-on in the season 4 premiere, that Rick Castle is not done protecting Beckett.

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Not Just Murders This Season...
Castle will also be involved in a bank robbery later in season 4.

According to TVLine, Castle and his mother, Martha, will end up in the wrong place at the wrong time when bank robbers strike. Castle creator Andrew Marlowe is quoted as saying, "We have a fun episode where Martha and Castle end up on the wrong side of a bank robbery while she's trying to get a new loan for her school."

The cops, meanwhile, will be working to end this particular crime. Beckett, of course, will be on the scene, but we will also get the addition of a guest-starring police negotiator, played by Dean Norris of Breaking Bad fame.

However this whole bank robbery plays out, it should be fun to watch. Not only do we get the tension of Castle being on the receiving end of criminal activity, but we also get some good bank-robber names. TV fans may recognize such favorite pseudonyms as "Dr. Huxtable," "Dr. Quinn" and "Dr. Howser" among the criminals of the week.

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The season 4 premiere of Castle airs on ABC at 10pm on Monday, September 19.

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