'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers: Tahmoh Penikett and Zombies
'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers: Tahmoh Penikett and Zombies
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Castle season 4 looks ready to go out with a bang.

We're only a few weeks away from the May 7 Castle season 4 finale, but there are still Castle spoilers for your enjoyment -- because a lot of action is coming at the end of the season. Who and what exactly? Keep reading to find out!

Tahmoh Penikett Cast as a Mystery Man
Now that we're in the fourth season of Castle, fans are definitely expecting something big from the finale. Some casting news seems to confirm that: Tahmoh Penikett (Battlestar Galactica, Dollhouse) has been cast in a potentially recurring role that begins with the Castle season 4 finale.

As was first reported by TVLine, Penikett's character is Cole Maddox, a cold and calculating military man with a mysterious past.

What role will Maddox play in the Castle storyline? Considering his "cold" and "military" descriptions, Cole Maddox may just be related to Beckett's season-3 shooting. Is he the man who pulled the trigger? Is Maddox part of the larger conspiracy? Does he have vital information to share with Castle and Beckett?

Or does the Tahmoh Penikett character have a completely different purpose? We will find out when Cole Maddox first appears on the May 7 Castle season 4 finale.

Adam Baldwin Talks About His Upcoming Castle Role.

Is there anything cooler than zombies these days? Judging by rumors leaking about Castle's second-to-last episode, the answer is no. Because zombies are coming to Castle!

How does that work? Will the NYPD and a mystery writer have to fight back actual hordes of the undead?

Probably not. Not exactly anyway. Castle series creator Andrew W. Marlowe explained to TVLine that the zombie plot resembles the season 3 episode in which "Castle was convinced that aliens were behind a murder."

So it may not be "real" zombies on Castle, but we can at least expect a reasonable facsimile of the undead in the episode. In some form or other, we will see zombie characters. Whether this means role-playing, fantasy or something else entirely, the zombies will appear.

It should be interesting.

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The next Castle episode, "Headhunters," will air on Monday April 16, and the Castle season 4 finale will air on Monday, May 7 -- both at 10pm on ABC.

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