'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers: Parents, Mysteries and Girl Talk
'Castle' Season 4 Spoilers: Parents, Mysteries and Girl Talk
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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After a few weeks off, Castle returns this Monday with new episodes. What could possibly be in store for the final episodes of Castle season 4? Keep reading to find out.

When will Castle search for his Daddy?
Since Castle has already established that its main character knows nothing -- and cares to know nothing -- about his father, it was more than a small shock when evil Agent Sophia Turner divulged a snippet of information about the man.

So what will Castle do about this? Apparently, he won't be doing very much right away.

TVGuide.com reports that any full-scale search for the missing father will have to wait until season 5. While there could be small efforts and subtle hints before the end of Castle season 4, that's all we're going to get. "I think [Castle] is evaluating whether Sophia was telling him the truth," Castle executive producer Andrew W. Marlowe told TVGuide.com. "He doesn't have any way to really access it. So he is trying to figure out how to follow up on it, but I am not sure that he knows how."

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Considering all of the ongoing plots dealing with Beckett's mothers murder, secrets hidden between characters and the whole Castle/Beckett relationship thing, it's not really a surprise that a hunt for a missing daddy may take a back seat for awhile.

Will Beckett learn any more about her mother's murder?
Things have been pretty quiet on the Beckett's mother's murder front since the Castle season 4 premiere. Whatever Castle has found out, whatever Beckett suspects, we just don't know.

But of course that can't last forever.

According to E!Online, Castle will revisit the ongoing murder investigation at least one more time before the end of Castle season 4: "It is something that we'll be touching on by the end of the season, so I can make that promise," Andrew Marlowe said. "Whenever that arises, that will put Beckett in an emotionally raw situation and an interesting end cap."

Will this return to the old case bring up Castle's secret investigations? If so, would that be a good or a bad thing for the partners?

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What happened between Beckett and Lanie?
Remember back in the Castle season 4 premiere, when we found out that Beckett left the hospital without even letting Lanie know about it? It sounds like an explanation for that will be coming soon. Tamala Jones told TVLine that "In episode 20, 'The Limey,' you're going to see that reason why [Beckett didn't call] and a whole lot more for those two ladies."

The explanation is set to come as part of some girl talk between the friends. Will the subject of Beckett's feelings toward Castle -- not to mention the fact that she heard his graveyard profession of love -- come up? Probably...

The next new Castle episode, "A Dance with Death," airs on Monday, March 19 at 10pm on ABC.

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