'Castle' Season 4 Finale: What Will Happen? What Do We Want to Happen?
'Castle' Season 4 Finale: What Will Happen? What Do We Want to Happen?
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Ever since the Castle season 3 finale, it has seemed that all of the show's relationship cards have been on the table. Sure, we all suspected that Castle and Beckett had feelings for each other. But Castle's desperate confession of love was the first public admission the show gave us.

We've been waiting all year for significant forward movement. Now, with the Castle season 4 finale, it's time to move. Which direction should that movement take?

Love Isn't Always the Answer

If there is one thing that that 60-odd years of television has taught us, it's that unrequited love makes for good drama. How many series have been propelled for years by the longing felt by their main characters? Every so often, television programs give in early and let us see how the love plays out. Usually, however, we have to wait.

We wait because it can be dangerous to allow love into the TV world. When the passion of the chase is lost, there isn't always much fuel left over.

What Does This Mean for Castle?

It has been a foregone conclusion, ever since the first minutes of the Castle pilot episode, that Rick Castle and Kate Beckett were made for each other. The attraction and the mutual fascination were instantaneous for both. They often irritated each other, of course, but affection was there.

The Castle actors and producers have since acknowledged that, sooner or later, romance has always been the goal of the show. But no one wanted to rush. Thanks to a strong -- and legitimate -- fear that allowing a relationship might destroy the series, Castle has taken it slow.

If Castle and Beckett aren't desperate for each other, will the emotional impact be lost? Would the romance between the two become more important than the murders of the week? Will audiences even care about Castle if wishes are fulfilled?

It might not be in our best interest, as viewers, for Castle and Beckett to give in to love.

Love Might Just Be the Answer

On the other hand, screw it. It's time.

Four years. That's how long we have seen the stolen glances, mourned the missed connections and prayed for love to win. Four years of doomed relationships with other people. Four years of emotional immaturity. Four years of "just partners."

Surely that's long enough.

There will still be obstacles to bliss. Disagreements, deception and arguments are likely to come in the show's future. But we won't even get to these problems if Castle and Beckett don't get together soon.

Will viewers really want to keep waiting if the hopes and dreams of our beloved characters are thwarted once again? There comes a point when every TV series has to give in and allow nature to take its course. In the case of Castle, that time could very well be now.

The Castle season 4 finale, "Always," airs on Monday, May 7 at 10pm on ABC.

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