'Castle' Recap: The Howser Heist
'Castle' Recap: The Howser Heist
It's a seat-clenching episode of Castle on this Halloween night. Castle and his mother are held hostage in a bank hold-up by a guy dressed in hospital scrubs. Will an attempt to make a deposit turn out to be a flat-liner? (I promise, that's the last of the lame puns).

Castle's mom only wants a loan for her company. If she would only let Castle co-sign... but no; this just will not do. She's a "grown woman." Wait, hold that thought. Castle realizes there are people entering the bank wearing hospital gear and suspicious looks on their faces. Yep, the place is being robbed. Thank God Castle just so happened to be on the phone with Beckett. Dispatch is on the way. A gunman takes the phone from Castle and makes his opinion known by stepping on it.

Beckett arrives on the scene and, of course, is kicked out of the SWAT van even though she gives some vital information. Five minutes couldn't have passed before the captain calls her back to the van. The gunmen will only talk to the "lady cop with the bedroom voice." This guy isn't playing around. Any wrong move and he'll kill hostages, starting with Castle!

The captain needs to set his pride aside. Once again, he tells Beckett to hold off and do nothing. Inside, tensions are not easing up. "This is all your fault," says a hostage. He blames Castle for calling the cops. Oh yeah, and there's also a pregnant woman and the token paranoid guy with glasses. Amidst the character analysis, Castle and his mother notice that the robbers are not touching the vault full of money, they're raiding the safe deposit boxes. He takes a "trip to the men's room" to check out the scene.

Did I forget to mention that the criminals are going by the codename "Howser," as in Doogie Howser? Yes, they're clever fellows.

Howser has big plans. He's taken files from box 120 and now tells Beckett that she has three hours to get him a bus with tinted windows for him, his partners and the hostages. Apparently, everyone is going on a plane ride.

What's this? Castle has managed to use his mother's gaudy gold bracelet to signal "safe box 120" outside to Beckett. So while the outside party works on this information, the paranoid guy informs the hostages that there may be some C4 in the building. Thanks.

Esposito and Ryan check out the apartment of the owner of safe deposit box 120. Turns out it's an elderly woman who has been dead long enough for flies to gather.

Sal, the paranoid guy, hops up in the middle of a serious epileptic attack. A fake doctor calls in another fake doctor for further instructions. The head Howser says he'll exchange the sick hostage for his bus in 20 minutes. Beckett suits up as a paramedic and rolls the gurney in, taking a message from Castle as she does so.

Howser threatens Castle and Beckett gets serious. "I will walk through those doors and personally put a bullet through your skull." They now have 20 minutes to get the bus in place. Job well done, I suppose. Castle and Beckett are asking questions that no one seems to want to answer. Why is there C4? Why aren't the robbers worried about fingerprints? Why kill the old lady?

As Beckett speaks on the phone to the detectives in the apartment building, the bank explodes. Yep, it just got even more serious.

The hostages are all safe behind bars. The robbers, though, were not so lucky. The theory is that they accidently set the C4 off before taking cover and committed suicide. How much would you bet there's more to the story?

I knew it! Remember paranoid Sal? Well, he orchestrated the entire thing and checked himself out of the hospital against medical attention. It turns into a domestic violence case. Sal's ex-wife and son faked their deaths and ran. This left Sal to kill his ex-wife's mother and take the key for the safe deposit box. At least, that's the short version of the story. Now, let's go get him!

Sal breaks in to his former family's new home, knocks his ex down to the ground, grabs his son and comes too close to killing the mother. He wants her to suffer. Just when he thinks he's gotten away with it, the cops show.

The lights fade over dinner as Castle and Beckett reminisce over how many times they have saved each other's lives. Another crisis survived.

What did you think of tonight's episode of Castle? Looking for some spooks in the Halloween spirit? Or was last week's spooky ghost episode enough for you? Make sure you tune in next week for another suspenseful episode.

Jilliane Johnson
Contributing Writer

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