'Castle' Recap: Spy vs Spy
'Castle' Recap: Spy vs Spy
This week on Castle, there's dangerous CIA rouge operatives, a doomsday scenario and murder. Most shocking of all, though, is finding out that Beckett wasn't Castle's first muse. That honor goes to the gorgeous Jennifer Beales, playing CIA agent Sophia Turner. Castle based his first books on her and spent a year following her around for "research." We haven't seen Beckett this jealous since Castle's flirtation with sexy Indiana Jones.

In part one of an exciting two-part Castle, a murder leads Castle and Beckett down the rabbit hole of CIA intrigue and giant flat screen monitors that track our every call and move. It's like watching Alias but in an even danker basement. I wanted Nathan Fillion to don a red wig and start fighting crime.

The initial murder was just a red herring that led to a rogue operative named Gage, which led to another rogue professor named Blakely. Professor Blakely has figured out a mathematical equation that will eventually lead to World War 3 and probably Armageddon. While I prepare to welcome our new robot and/or ape overlords, Caskett get on the case with some added sexual tension and jealousy. Maybe it's finally time Kate comes clean about her feelings for Castle?

Disappearing Bodies and New Co-Workers

After a body drops from the sky with an amazing amount of overkill, Castle and Beckett are on the case. Castle, however, is more worried about what kind of internship Alexis could possibly be doing at 9:00 at night. Before he starts worrying that she's interning at a strip club, his answer appears before him. Alexis is Lanie's newest forensic helper!

Castle is immediately worried that having Alexis around constantly might ruin the delicate balance of his work and home life. Mostly, though, he's worried it might undermine his relationship with Beckett. Alexis is apparently really throwing off his game.

When they bring in a man whose prints don't exist, they suddenly have bigger fish to fry. Mostly that the mysterious Thomas Gage has not only escaped police custody, but he took a little souvenir as well: the body. This sends Alexis into a guilt tailspin, as she was the one who was supposed to be looking after the body. She is really just having the worst luck this season.

Welcome to the CIA

When the team finds that Gage looked up a woman named Tracey on the police system, Castle and Beckett rush to her house alone to find her dead. This episode has a pretty insanely high body count in just the first half.

Soon, the two are brought into CIA headquarters with bags over their heads to meet an old friend of Castle's. CIA agent Sophia Turner is super pretty, tough and competent, which as we all know is exactly Castle's type. Beckett immediately starts giving her the "get off my man" side-eye as soon as she seems a little too friendly with Castle.

Soon, Sophia fills them in on the top-secret info. The man they're after, Gage, is a rogue CIA agent. While Sophia is more than willing to accept Beckett and Castle's help, provided they don't tell anyone what they're doing, Beckett is a little more cagey. Sophia equips them both with CIA call-in buttons on their phones and sends them off to investigate.

After a hilarious run-in with Chief Gates where they inform her they can't actual inform her of anything, they're back on track. After Beckett displays some muscle car information that makes Castle fall even further in love with her, they track down Tracey's old car.

In the trunk is a special CIA phone, but before you can say, "Hey, don't Caskett always get stuck in enclosed spaces?" they are stuffed in that trunk. Good thing Castle hit his big giant PANIC button before Gage so heartlessly stomped on it. In an episode full of romantic sparks and big action, I got my biggest laugh of the night watching Nathan Fillion's face as the rogue CIA agent squishes Castle's new shiny toy.

Muse Meet Muse

After an impressive showcase of CIA technology that could put even quick fingers Garcia over on Criminal Minds to shame, they discover that the person corresponding with Tracey was none other than a dead professor by the name of Blakely. Why would a professor fake his own death? Well, it turns out that Blakely pioneered a mathematical theory that would allow him to know the precise small event that would trigger a much larger event. He calls it linchpin theory, but you can call it the end of the world. So clearly the stakes are pretty low this episode.

Even though Sophia dismisses them, Beckett refuses to give up finding Gage and solving her original murder. Also, there might be a TINY bit of competitiveness creeping in when it comes to the relationship between Castle and Turner. While Castle tries to play his relationship with Turner off as being brief and meaningless, Beckett is shocked to find out that Castle followed her around for a year in the name of research. "How many other women have you semi-stalked in the interest of research?" Beckett asks in one of the best lines of the night.

While following up a cleverly constructed chess clue, Beckett and Castle once again touch on his relationship with Turner. (Also, isn't it great that Martha always knows just the right thing to say to activate Castle's deductive genius? Mothers, am I right?) Castle tells Beckett he wasn't allowed to mention Sophia Turner before, which is why Beckett had never heard about her. He also gives her the opportunity to ask anything, which she initially denies. But you can tell it's just killing her, so she finally opens up and asks just how close Castle and Turner were. This is, of course, the exact moment the professor shows up.

In the car on the way to Pier 32, the professor explains why he left the CIA, how he lead to the uprising in Iran and also how he got tricked into giving away a very important blueprint called Pandora to some shady characters. Before he can explain what the linchpin to Pandora is and therefore help stop this terrible event from happening, he gets obsessed with some pigeons. Like, really, guy? Is this the time? I've been to New York, pigeons are always flying everywhere and mostly it's at your head. I knew the end of the world would be the fault of pigeons!

Anyway, for a brilliant professor, he turns out to be super dumb. Yelling about how someone is out there trying to kill him, he then leaves the relative safety of a police officer's car for the added safety of being an open target. Needless to say, this is one death the professor didn't have to fake. Next on the hit list? Castle and Beckett, as a car rams them right off the bridge into a possible watery grave.

Next week, Castle and Beckett escape an underwater death trap, some emotional minefields and save the world from ending, all while sustaining a heightened level of sexual tension. Tune in!

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you love seeing jealous Beckett? And what did you think of Sophia Turner, muse number one? Sound off in the comments!

Morgan Glennon
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