'Castle' Recap: Sinning By Silence
'Castle' Recap: Sinning By Silence
This week on Castle, the Occupy Wall Street movement gets its moment in the Castle spotlight with a bang, while the real explosion is the truth bomb Castle discovers about Beckett's "lost" memories.

With Castle's love of ripped-from-the-headlines stories, it seemed inevitable that the New York-based Occupy movement would eventually get its due as a case of the week. The case itself wasn't all that compelling, minus the 99% trappings. It wasn't hard to call that the news reporter, shown over and over again in clips, was somehow involved. What made the episode interesting to watch was the fall-out from Beckett's unknowing confession.

After leaving the two partners at status quo for a good chunk of the middle of the season, the show finally seems willing to dive back into their relationship. From the looks of things, those seas are certainly going to be turbulent. Of course, Castle overhears Beckett confess to remembering her shooting and of course assumes this means she doesn't care about him. Meanwhile, Beckett is sure that something weird is up with Castle, but just can't put her finger on what.

These two crazy kids could circle each other like this forever, and the show has certainly made good use of these misunderstanding tropes. However, it seems Castle understands that the audience needs some forward momentum on the central relationship of the show from time to time to keep us invested. How will things turn out for Castle and Beckett? It's too soon to tell just yet, but it's nice to see the show getting its hands dirty finally with the Caskett of it all.

"Takeover" Wall Street

The central case of the episode is a bombing at a rally site for "Takeover Wall Street." Why did Castle feel the need to rename the Occupy movement while clearly changing nothing else about it? I mean, there were even 99% signs in the background. I'm surprised they weren't chanting, "We are the 95%! Which is different than 99%! Because this is fictionalized!" Oh, Castle. If you're going to go there, just go all the way.

Five people die in the bombing and many more are injured with hundreds of people as witnesses, including crazy homeless people who pin the whole thing on Beethoven. Clearly, the moral of this story is that classical music kills! Thanks to Chief Gates and the FBI cell phone tracking dot system that made me immediately want to shut off my phone, they manage to narrow down their witness pool.

This leads them to a pickpocket named Bobby who accidentally moves the backpack of one of the "takeover" leaders. Inside the backpack is a bomb, which the leader desperately tries to switch off, but it's too late. His accomplice? The news reporter conveniently on the scene at the time, trying to make a name for herself. I'd say if you called that twist to give yourself a pat on the back, except the camera kept zooming in on the news footage anytime it was shown, which is basically the visual equivalent of that "dun dun DUN" music.


Another bomb is dropped this episode, but it's of a more personal nature. While questioning Bobby, Beckett becomes enraged that he uses the trauma of the bombing to feign memory loss about the event. She tells him, "I was shot in the chest and I remember every second of it." Of course, because this is television, the land where everyone always overhears things that they shouldn't, Castle is behind the two-sided glass. "All this time, you remembered?" he asks her image sadly.

It's usually one step forward, 50 steps back for Castle and Beckett and this episode is certainly no exception. After the bombing, Castle and Beckett both start to take stock of what is important in their lives. Beckett seems to be watching Castle pretty closely, noticing how great he is with Alexis and looking eager when he seems about to confess something.

For Castle, the bomb rapidly puts into perspective the things that are important in his life. He and Alexis both bond over their respective NYPD career paths. They also bond over chocolate chip smiley face pancakes, probably the cutest thing I've seen since that Castle episode with all the dogs. They both agree that their work with the precinct makes them feel important and valuable.

The other big thing the bomb makes Castle rethink is his relationship with Beckett. Once again, Martha acts as the voice of the audience, telling Castle to go for it. Seriously, just do it! Thank you Martha! Martha really should have her own advice column where she just gives oblique examples that directly relate to whatever she's talking about. How would Castle solve anything without Martha there to give him eureka moments? Let's never find out.

Castle begins to tell Beckett about how he feels but is interrupted because, again, this is television and that's just how these things work. "Argh!" a legion of Caskett shippers cry, while throwing something at the television. Damn you, TV tropes!

After hearing that Beckett has remembered her shooting, and by proxy his love confession for her all these months, Castle is not happy. He tells Martha that he's angry that Beckett didn't tell him and figures it's because she was embarrassed and didn't return his feelings. Martha doesn't think that he can just switch off his feelings for Beckett and work beside her as partners, but he's already realized how important police work has become to him. So he assures Martha that he can switch those feelings off and she gives him that "oh, you idiot" look that Martha does so well.

"Sinning by silence. It's not smart, it's not brave, it's just cowardly," Castle says after learning about the news reporter's guilt. Clearly, he's talking about more than the case, though. Castle is pissed, y'all. When Beckett invites him out for an after-work drink, he even turns her down. Castle just turned down alcohol and flirting, so Beckett knows something is terribly wrong but she's not sure what.

Next week, Castle starts acting like a tool in a sports car while Beckett considers telling Castle how she feels about him. I'm sure it'll all go smoothly and they will live happily ever after. Right now, I can feel Alexis beginning to devise more complicated and cute chocolate chip pancake shapes to cheer up Castle. Buckle up, people, things are about to get bumpy on the Caskett train.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you like that we're getting back to the Castle and Beckett relationship? Were you angry that they came so close again, only to have another roadblock? Sound off in the comments!

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