'Castle' Recap: It's Not the End of the World
'Castle' Recap: It's Not the End of the World
This week on Castle, Beckett and Castle prevent the end of the world while sharing some wonderful sexual tension. I have to admit, I didn't see the Sophia Turner reveal coming, mostly because I thought it would be too obvious for her to turn out to be evil. And boy was she evil. The only thing she was missing was a mustache to twirl or a small lapdog to pet.

I'll admit to being really thankful that Sophia turned out to be evil after her conversation about acting on sexual tension with Beckett, though. She tells Beckett that giving in to their attraction ruined her relationship with Castle. "Don't listen to her; what does she know?!" I yelled at Beckett through my TV. I'm hoping her eventual outing as an evil villain trying to bring about world destruction might have undercut her advice.

And what about that little clue that Castle's daddy dearest might also be a member of the CIA? We spend so much time with Martha and Alexis; I find it a testament to how well-drawn and interesting those characters are that I haven't spent much time thinking about whatever happened to Castle's father. It looks like we might be hearing more about Castle's family drama later this season.

Under the Sea

The episode starts out in the same dramatic place it left off: with Castle and Beckett sinking to their watery graves! This time it's Castle's turn to save the day when he shoots the back window out of the car, allowing them to escape. There were some pretty tense moments, though. What a great, action-packed way to start an episode!

After that, Sophia kicks them off the case, except not really as she breaks into Castle's house and snoops through his stuff. She wonders if Castle has told Beckett about his high-tech Wolf Blitzer investigation into the murder of Beckett's mother. Man, I had completely forgotten about that. This season certainly has packed a lot of stuff in. After some banter, Sophia tells Castle that she fired them to put on a show for her superiors, but she wants them to stay on the case.

The Plot Thickens

You know how on that AMC show Rubicon, everyone was always finding conspiracies in newspapers and tacking things up to walls? Like if you went only by that show, you'd think there was nothing wrong with the publishing industry and computers didn't exist? Well, apparently the late linchpin finding Blakely lived in that same universe. He had an entire room filled with papers and string finally leading to one picture of a 10-year-old Chinese girl.

Like any good conspiracy thriller, before you know it things are blowing up and the rogue Agent Gage is back decrying his innocence. When Gage is taken out in CIA holding, they start taking his theories of another mole more seriously. In the category of best guilty acting when not actually guilty, the award goes to Agent Martin.

When the computer savvy lady says she can backtrack the hack that threw out the video feed, he is crazy sketchy. He's all like, "What, you can!?! Why would you want to do that? Don't be silly, you silly goose!" But, of course, the real mole was Castle's former paramour Sophia all along. She was paid by some powerful parties to restructure the world through war and end times.

What was the plan? Well, the linchpin is the daughter of a powerful figure in the Chinese government, Xiang Ganghong, who they refer to as a kingmaker. The idea was that the murder of his daughter, by what looked like the USA, would cause Xiang to convince China to shut the US down economically. This would lead to no military and to chaos and to an eventual zombie occupation or something. Bottom line: It would be bad. Thankfully, Beckett and the less sketchy acting Martin save the day.

Matters of the Heart

Meanwhile, there was a lot of Caskett to love in this episode. Whether it was Beckett thanking Castle for saving her life at the docks or the jealousy over Sophia, there were plenty of great moments. While it was sad to see the rest of the cast take a breather for this episode, it allowed the show to more fully focus on our favorite will-they-won't-they duo.

It was great seeing Beckett break down and finally ask Sophia about her relationship with Castle. A few seasons ago (or even last year!) Beckett would have never allowed herself to outwardly show she cared. It seems like Beckett is getting ever closer to admitting that she has feelings for Rick and addressing them.

Hopefully, she didn't take Sophia's evil advice, that keeping the tension alive would be better than giving into it. I must say, that whole speech of Sophia's about sexual tension and finally getting together felt a little meta. I realize that TV writers always worry about losing the magic once they finally couple up, but you don't need to have a character on your show actually voice it.

At the episode's end, Castle wonders about his father while Beckett wonders how Castle is taking Sophia's turn to the dark side. Especially because he based Clara Strike on her. Castle says that Clara started out being like Sophia, but turned out more like Beckett. "Smart, fierce, kind," he says, listing how Beckett and Clara are similar. He says it's one of the reasons he was drawn to Beckett ... as a muse, of course. All together now: awww!

Next week, Castle takes a break from saving the entire world to dabble in the trendy world of fairytales.

What did you think of this week's Castle? Like all the spy action or looking forward to a lighter episode? And what do you think the story is with Castle's father? Sound off in the comments!

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