'Castle' Recap: Hunting the Ghost of a Ghost Hunter
'Castle' Recap: Hunting the Ghost of a Ghost Hunter
This week on Castle, Beckett ain't afraid of no ghosts, but judging by his girly screams Castle surely is.

It's a fun Halloween themed episode sadly minus Nathan Fillion dressed up as Captain Mal from Firefly. Still, it's good, spooky fun when the team has to solve the murder of a famous ghost hunter. Castle obviously is super excited to solve a real life haunted story while Beckett is the Scully of the episode, convinced there must be a rational explanation.

Ghost Hunter Turned Ghost

The episode centers around the murder of Jack Sinclaire, famous star of "Ghost Wranglers" a show about ghost hunters that makes it sound like he lassos ghosts and then spit-fries them. At the very least he seems like less of a tool bag than that guy from Ghost Adventures with the Jersey Shore hair that goes into haunted houses and yells at ghosts. Poor Jack Sinclaire doesn't do any yelling, but he does get his throat slit for his trouble. Castle is of course very excited at the concept of a demon murdering people in a haunted mansion. It's a great spooky story and it allows him to make as many puns and jokes as his excited brain can come up with. My favorite is when Beckett refuses to allow Castle to say the word ghost and he instead calls the ghostly killer an "Apparition American".

Murder House

There's a lot of talk, mostly from Castle, about the spooky history of the house. Turns out the mansion is a murder house that would give the house from American Horror Story a run for its money. Except I'm sure this house doesn't have Jessica Lange stop by occasionally to be kind of racist. Castle points out that there were eight murders in the house from the time it was built until the present day. The last was in the 90s, when a woman was murdered presumably by her husband who then fled.

Beckett kindly allows Ryan to be the Shaggy to Castle's Scooby Doo when the two go on a haunted house history tour. They track down a couple that formerly lived in the house to get more information. There they find out that Sinclaire wasn't begging for mercy before he died but talking about Mercy, a medium who had once been to the house. It turns out Mercy was helping him recover some old memories he had repressed relating to the house. Memories it turns out that would have best been left uncovered.

Dates from Hell

The murder house wasn't even the scariest thing this episode. Even scarier was the way our favorite character's relationships were falling apart right in front of our eyes. Ryan and Esposito decide to go on a double date with Jenny and Lanie. Esposito is already scaring Ryan off by mentioning that Lanie might be a bit touchy due to her long shift. At the date though, nothing could seem farther from the truth. It's going great and Ryan even gives an adorably corny toast: "To best friends, now and forever."

Just as it's getting super cozy Jenny just lobs a relationship bomb right at poor, unknowing Esposito and Lanie. She wonders aloud when the two of them will be getting married and you can practically hear comical breaks screeching on their relationship. Later Esposito admits to Ryan that they had a conversation-slash-argument after the dinner and decided to cool things off. No! Although perhaps adding a little drama into their relationship will allow them to get some much needed screen time?

The best part of this whole storyline was Castle accidentally stepping in it with Lanie. He asks her how the dinner went and her eyes get all scary like maybe the killer demon is actually inside of her, not the murder house. As Beckett comes he hisses at her "Do not ask her about the date" hilariously.

Meanwhile Alexis is also having some dating woes. With Ashley across the country it's harder to keep the love alive, or for Ashley to keep their Skype dates. Instead of waiting around, Alexis puts on a truly amazing dress and stomps off to a party like the boss she is. Later she admits even after they finally talked she felt like both were too busy and distant. She wonders if their long-distance relationship can last. Castle says if two people believe in something, anything is possible. I wonder who else that could apply to?

Thankfully, he knows the best way to cheer her up is with zombie movie marathons in which he uses her as a human shield. Note to self: if there is a zombie apocalypse do not hang out with Castle.

Getting Handsy

Back on the case, creepy things are happening when Castle and Beckett check out the mansion for themselves. For instance, all the lights keep turning out. And the flashlight. And the candle.

Beckett is convinced that this doesn't mean anything and Castle is convinced that the dead walk among us. Beckett is looking to be more correct when she finds a hidden compartment in the ceiling. Castle had told her earlier that the Scottish architect of the house might have put in a "laird's lug" or lord's ears, a secret passage allowing people to hear into other rooms.

Getting into the laird's lug is a much tougher proposition for Caskett. Beckett climbs on top of Castle to get to the ceiling and asks for a hand up. In the dark, it seems pretty clear that what Castle lifted was not Beckett's leg like she intended. It's a pretty funny moment of Caskett getting up close and personal with each other.

Crawling through some tunnels Castle proves himself to be way more scared than Beckett. In fact Kate is like super woman, just sort of shrugging off rats crawling on her shoulder and dead bodies falling out of closets. Beckett acts like this is just another day at the job. When the dead body of the former husband suspected of murder falls on top of Castle, in comparison, he screams like a little girl.

Opening this closet breaks the case wide open. If the murder wasn't committed by the husband Matt, now a mummified corpse with a convenient monogrammed shirt, who could have done it?

They set up a trap to lure the building owner after a new light bulb tracks back to him. But instead they trap Detective Smith, the officer they spoke with earlier about the husband-wife murder. It turns out the wife was having an affair with Detective Smith. He killed both husband and wife when she tried to leave him, but was seen by Jack Sinclaire, who had repressed the memories until recently. So then, of course, he had to take care of Jack. As he threatens Castle and Beckett with a knife to keep with the murder house history, they reveal they have a video camera that has just recorded the whole conversation.

Back at the station, Castle and Beckett talk about how Detective Smith is going with a 'demon made me do it' defense strategy. Castle agrees that he'll give up the demon theory if Kate will admit that the ghost of Jack Sinclaire might have been leading them to his killer. She admits it but doesn't notice the mysterious elevator down button lighting up by itself. Maybe the station house is haunted too?

What did you think of this Halloween Castle episode? Too gimmicky or full of spooky chills? What do you think will happen with Lanie and Esposito? And when can we expect to see Caskett watching a zombie movie? Sound off in the comments!

Morgan Glennon
Contributing Writer

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