'Castle' Recap: Falling For You
'Castle' Recap: Falling For You
This week on Castle, bodies fall from the sky, Esposito tries to find a plus-one for the wedding like the plucky heroine in a romantic comedy and Ryan finally weds Jenny. Also there were a few cute Caskett moments scattered along the way. It was a nice, light episode to ease us back into the saddle with our favorite crime-fighting team.

While the case was a pretty standard (yet funny) affair, the real pleasure of the episode came from the interactions between all the characters. With the Ryan and Jenny wedding looming, different sides of our team came out. Weddings can sometimes bring out the best and worst of people. In Ryan's case though, it did both. His cleanse caused him to nearly kill Esposito over a donut, while his casual nonchalance over Jenny's past sexual exploits displayed without words the security of their relationship. Meanwhile, Esposito's mad dash to find a wedding date to compete with Lanie turned him into the sad friend from a Katherine Heigl rom-com, although there was a sweet scene with Lanie as payoff.

What about Caskett? Well, they did walk down the aisle.

Fresh Bodies and Black Widows

The episode starts with some mild flirting over a fruit produce stand, but soon there's a falling dead guy to ruin the mood. Castle is absolutely giddy at this turn of events, because it means that his pun possibilities are basically limitless. "We've got a fresh one!" he proclaims. How much have you missed the cringe-worthy Castle puns over the hiatus? I've missed them a ton.

They begin to follow the dead free-faller's trail and find it lands back at poisoning and womanizing. When Britney Spears wrote her opus on the subject, she was apparently talking about good old Michael Bailey. After a Bachelor-esque (nice shout-out ABC) scene of all of Michael's conquests in one room, his mystery begins to deepen. Turns out he was using a false identity and was kidnapped days before.

Soon, the puns turn from produce to Jason Bourne. Castle, of course, can't help but spin an elaborate tale good enough to be the next Bond film. "I can't think of anything better," Beckett says, throwing up her hands in smiley frustration. What I love here is how subtly the show has transitioned from Beckett being annoyed by Castle's crazy outbursts to being totally amused by them.

Of course, the kidnappers were actually fellow pick up artists who use weird, gross words like "butter job". In case your mind was going to nasty places, a butter job is apparently when you flirt with a girl's friend to get her interested. Soon the team figures out that Bailey was targeting specific women, who worked for a corporation called KPW. But his sexy espionage days were numbered when he picked up the wrong COO and got slipped some poison into his chocolate shake.

Going Gaga

Meanwhile, Martha and Alexis are hilarious this episode. They aren't on screen for long, but boy do they make the most of it. First, they are way too eager to share the ways they would dispose of a cheating ex. If I was Ashley, I would watch my back. Alexis seemed a little too excited for her shooting plan, that's all I'm saying.

But who needs Ashley when your new potential boyfriend can get you couture and a private concert from Lady Gaga? After getting a really dynamite dress to be Castle's plus-one at the wedding, Alexis meets a cute boy who also happens to be heir to the couture house. Of course, going to Lady Gaga means she'll have to skip the wedding, but Castle kindly lets her go. I wish I had Alexis' life problems.

Nuts for Donuts

With the wedding approaching, everyone is going a little bit nuts. Especially when there are donuts involved. (Yes, I realized I just used that pun twice. As I recap, I just ask myself "How Would Castle Pun?" HWCP: a motto for us all!) Ryan, at Jenny's insistence, is going on a gross green juice cleanse. Esposito, because he is a little bit of a jerk, is eating delicious donuts in front of him. Ryan makes a good effort (despite the donut-fight) but finally succumbs to the siren lure of Chinese food. You made a good stand Ryan.

Esposito is going a bit nuts himself when he learns that Lanie is taking a plus-one to the wedding. Suddenly every available guy seems like someone Lanie might be taking. After coming up with a crazy phone taping plan, Ryan reports the name of her plus-one and they google him like giant stalkers. Turns out that he not only looks like the Diet Coke version of the Old Spice guy but he's also a doctor. A doctor! This is approximately the point where Esposito becomes a character from a romantic comedy about single anxiety. This episode is Esposito's 27 Dresses.

After striking out with just about every single lady in his eye-sight, including one he accidentally hit with steam in the face, he finally finds a date: his ten-foot-tall cousin. Poor Esposito has turned into the unpopular girl in high school. All's well that ends well though, because Lanie's date is gay. So Esposito and Lanie have a sweet moment together that makes it seem likely that a reunion might be soon in the offing.

Gyrating Jenny

Slimy murder victim Bailey kept a journal of all his sexual "conquests" and Castle and Beckett are shocked to find Jenny gracing it's pages. Castle thinks that they should tell Ryan but Beckett wisely advises they keep mum. She says that all women should be able to keep some secrets. This, of course, becomes a conversation about Beckett's "number" aka the number of guys she's been with. "Men, you all want to know but you don't want to know," Beckett laughs.

Over some much-needed food, however, they find out Ryan already knows. Also he doesn't care in the least. Jenny told him when he mentioned the victim and he's not concerned because they weren't exclusive at the time. It's nice that the show didn't go the overdramatic route and Ryan's complete comfort with Jenny shows how right those two are for each other.

Soon enough it's the wedding day and Castle is keeping Ryan from peeking at Jenny in her dress. Castle and Beckett both show up stag and decide they might as well be each other's plus-one. Just to avoid the singles table, of course. Nothing romantic here. Just going to walk down an aisle in some formal wear, totally platonic-like.

Next week the Caskett partnership hits a speed bump when we finally meet Castle's buddy the mayor: as a murder suspect.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Happy to see Jenny and Ryan finally tie the knot? Were you excited to see Caskett walking down the aisle? And what was your favorite Castle pun? Sound off in the comments!

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