'Castle' Recap: Castle Finds Some National Treasure
'Castle' Recap: Castle Finds Some National Treasure
Morgan Glennon
Morgan Glennon
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This week on Castle, the team uncovers a patriotic mystery in the guise of a scavenger hunt and Castle's inability to take bee-counting seriously forms a wedge in his relationship with Alexis. 

After a change-filled beginning to this season, the last few episodes have settled back into the regular, wacky Castle pattern we know and love. It's another fun episode (although not time travel fun), yet the reverberations of some of those big changes are starting to be felt this week.

None Of Your Bees-ness

Primarily, Castle's reaction to Alexis' new life of dumpster chairs finally opens a Pandora's Box of issues between father and daughter. Alexis wants Castle to respect her relationship with Pi, even if he's not exactly right for her, just like she respects his relationship with Beckett. She's also hurt that Castle didn't confide his plans to propose to Beckett. She had to find out on the same phone call as Martha while they were thousands of miles away. 

As Alexis and Castle grow, their lives have begun moving in different directions. While the two used to be practically attached at the hip, now they have to navigate around the space that has grown between them. Castle, obviously, is having a hard time letting go. 

Alexis' unfortunate taste in men isn't helping the situation, but Martha isn't wrong when she notes he could have been nicer about Alexis' shabby chic apartment or Pi's professional bee counting. Alexis and Castle have always been thick as thieves, and the idea of a rift forming between the two is an interesting concept. 

Now that Castle and Beckett are back in the same city and precinct, I look forward to the show devoting some time to exploring the relationship between Castle and Alexis. Weddings can bring out a lot of emotions, and the results aren't always pretty. 

How long will things remain strained between father and daughter? Did Alexis and Pi find all of their furniture next to a dumpster? How long will it take Pi to count all the bees in New York City and what happens when he's done? Is free honey a perk of the job? 

The Da Vinci Code Meets National Treasure

Thankfully, Castle at least has a fun mystery to take his mind off his family troubles. When they discover a dead girl in an alleyway with what looks like a stigmata, Castle is already imagining dark cult activities. Turns out he might not have been too far off base. The girl seemed to be obsessed with ancient symbols and even apparently had an ex-con monk on her tail. 

This all leads back to an ancient treasure map penned by Theodore Rose in 1798. If the success of Sleepy Hollow has taught us anything, it's that old school patriotism is super trendy right now. And this is as old school as you get, dating way back to the minting of the first ever half dime coins.

It's the reason poor Suzanne was killed, after she cleverly followed the clues and discovered the ye olde coins. While the scavenger hunt leader was just trying to crowd-source his treasure hunt, her family connections lead her directly to the right location. 

Suzanne wanted to donate the priceless coins to a museum but not everyone was so generous with a priceless fortune. Unfortunately, her cash-strapped cousin disagreed and ended up killing her in the resulting argument. Weirdly, there's no explanation for why this was done with a sword, unless it's something I missed. How did the sword get into that hidden Indiana Jones room? 

Along the way there are several scenes that make all this Da Vinci espionage even more fun. The most notable of which is Castle getting into a straight-up sword fight (and winning!) with an actor hired to help out with the scavenger hunt. Richard Castle is certainly a much better sword fighter than Malcolm Reynolds, Fillion's character on the late, great Firefly

Another fun scene sees Castle and Beckett trapped in the church's hidden chamber. While Castle freaks out about dying with no one to find them. Beckett calmly walks around and climbs on top of tombs until she can find a signal. "Can you hear me now? I'm standing on top of a zillion dollars of Martha Washington's silver." 

It's always fun to see Castle and Beckett trapped in close quarters (tiger episode anyone?) and we get another reference to the wedding that will, I assume, eventually happen at some point this season. Have they even started planning it yet? Come on Beckett, sweeps weddings don't just fall out of thin air! 

Elsewhere In The City Full Of Mysteries... 

-- Lanie alert! She pops up again this week and even has a scene with Esposito, which reminds me that I have no idea where Lanie and Espo stand romantically. Are they together or broken up? Maybe someone can alert me in the comments, because the show never seems to provide any refresher on their relationship status. 

-- Once again some homespun wisdom from Martha turns out to be just what Castle needs to break the case. Martha should really become an honorary detective at this point. She's indirectly solved more cases than anyone else on the show. 

-- The sign on Alexis and Pi's wall says, "Everything is funny as long as it happens to somebody else." Doesn't that seem a little unevolved for these two hippies? Unless they put it up ironically, which is absolutely possible. 

Castle airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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