'Castle' Recap: Beckett vs. Sexy Indiana Jones
'Castle' Recap: Beckett vs. Sexy Indiana Jones
This week on Castle Beckett confronts her feelings of jealousy when Castle gets all flirty with a sexy art thief. Not only was the episode really fun after last week's heavier emotional Ryan episode, it was also a great Caskett episode.

We haven't seen Beckett talk to her therapist since the premiere and there have only been glances towards her feelings for Castle. Throw in a little jealousy this week and Beckett is holding herself back from putting a 'Property of Beckett' tag on Castle.

Despite being a temporary roadblock for our favorite crime fighting sweethearts, Serena Kaye is undeniably cool. They name drop Indiana Jones, but she's probably closer to Catwoman. Even her name works as a Selina Kyle homage.

In the end, she might have done more good than harm to the Castle and Beckett union as she forced Beckett to take a hard look at her feelings. If the episode's end is any indication, it looks like Castle and Beckett are getting closer to a lot more off-the-clock hamburgers.

Matchmaking Martha

Once again, Martha is all up in Castle's love life while he just tries to murder people in his books. She wants to set him up with a nice actress friend. That is, unless he has a reason for not putting himself out there? This is the exact cue for Beckett to call with a new crime scene.

Later Castle tells Martha about Serena and she thinks he's quite smitten. He counters that he is "intrigued" and she thinks he should go for it. Martha just wants to see Castle getting himself out and acquiring something of a social life outside of dead bodies and murder investigations. She thinks that he should make a go for it with Serena. Despite the fact that Martha is almost always on Team Beckett, it does make sense that she would advise him to try to move on. And while Castle tries to take her advice, it seems like his heart is just not in it.

A Piece of Work

The crime scene in question turns out to be a museum director named Hayes skewered on a giant sculpture. Castle and Beckett make some awful/awesome puns about this before they learn their crime is two-fold. In addition to the murder, there is also the case of the missing multi-million dollar statement on capitalism. The Fist of Capitalism is missing! Apparently the irony of making a statement on capitalism encrusted with 50 million dollars in diamonds was lost on the artist. Forget Wall Street, someone should occupy this art gallery.

As the team is trying to figure out what happened to the missing artwork and how that fits into Hayes' murder, Serena Kaye walks in and immediately out badasses everyone in the room. Serena is an insurance investigator and she tells them exactly how the thief got the fist out.

Everyone else feels weird because in that time all they figured out is that the thief was wearing hair gel. It's Don Draper! Or a cast member of the Jersey Shore! Have you see how much bling Pauly D puts on his laptop? He would be like a very tan moth to a very sparkly flame.

Beckett, however, is angered just as much by Serena's flirtatiousness with Castle as she is by her bossy attitude and competency. She's extra mad when Gates orders her to work with Serena. Serena has expertise, unlike Castle who is a consultant with no expertise in anything according to Gates. That's not true! Castle knows how to turn a grisly murder scene into a killer pun! (Pun intended, just as Castle would want.)


Meanwhile, everyone in the episode is picking up on Beckett's uneasiness with Serena and Castle's connection. Even Esposito wonders if there's a more personal reason Beckett is so hard on Serena. In therapy, Beckett talks about how Castle is supposed to be her partner, only she leaves a really long pause before the word partner. Perhaps she meant something more? Her therapist wonders what she's more afraid of, that Castle won't wait for her or that he will?

It's a good question and the answer will undoubtedly be doled out throughout the season. Still, the premiere set up some good tension on the Caskett front and the subsequent episodes have worked hard to touch on those emotions, even if only briefly. This episode is the first since we found out Beckett remembers that we've had any perspective on her feelings. She might not be ready to be with Castle (just yet!) but she certainly doesn't want him with anyone else.

Artists, Millionaires and Thieves

Who is rich enough to own a fist covered in diamonds? Turns out it's Nan Flanngan from True Blood, here playing an uptight rich woman in the middle of a nasty divorce. Instead of fighting over kids or pets, these two are fighting over a 50 million dollar fist.

Who else is in the suspect pile? Well there's also Alyssa who works at the gallery and as an artist part time. She seems especially guilty when they find out that it was a woman in a black dress who made off with the statue. Figuring that it couldn't have gotten very far, they find it in Alyssa's weird television art installation after Castle kicks it in.

Making Out For Justice

But before either of those two ladies come into view the primary suspect is Serena herself. Even though she leads them to believe the MO fits a famous art thief named Falco, Beckett is not convinced. Instead, she finds out that Serena was once an actual cat burglar and employs Castle on a vital mission of whoring himself out for justice.

Beckett has Castle ask Serena out for a date in the hotel restaurant while they sort through her room upstairs. Why would you have Castle take her out to the restaurant in the hotel? Wouldn't it make more sense to get her farther away in case things went south? Because this is exactly what happens.

After Serena shares that she is the Robin Hood of art thieves, she takes Castle up to her room. Seeing the door open, Castle gets flustered and pushes Serena against a wall and kisses her. This is to give Beckett and Esposito enough time to escape but it only serves to really piss Beckett off. They found some incriminating emails and equipment and Beckett refuses to let Castle play good cop in the interrogation room.

"Beckett told me to stall her," Castle complains. "Did she also tell you to use tongue?" Ryan and Esposito laugh at him. Of course, it's not Serena, which is evident from her cool demeanor and borderline boredom in the interrogation room. But soon they have a real suspect thanks to hair gel used by the real Falco. After Serena and Falco have a thief to thief conversation, she gets the tip about the woman in black.

Paying for Your Crime

After discovering the fist in the weird television installation, Alyssa is the prime suspect. Except Alyssa is too poor and also selling her art to none other than the rich divorcee. It turns out it was the snobby rich lady the whole time, who just really wanted her tacky bejeweled arm back. Case closed!

Serena and Beckett have finally bonded a bit over their individual and dual awesome-ness. Beckett looks sadly at Castle as she wonders if Serena will be asking him out on a non-sting date in the future. "It's like I said, I don't steal things that belong to someone else," Serena say slyly and takes off in a cloud of amazing. It's too bad she couldn't stick around for a little while longer and force Castle and Beckett to get real with each other. Come back anytime Serena!

Poor Castle is shocked at how expensive the television installation he broke at the museum was. How expensive? Pricey enough to put Alexis through medical school according to Beckett. But it's ok, because Beckett promises to take Castle out for a hamburger, on the house. That seems like a pretty fair trade as long as it's not White Castle. The episode ends with a sight we love to see: Castle and Beckett heading out to a night on the town together as partners.

Next week, Castle ain't afraid of no ghosts! Except his girlish squeals mean he totally is. What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you love all the Caskett moments? What did you think of Serena: annoying interloper or professionally awesome? And when will we be seeing Caskett making out against a wall? Sound off in the comments!

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