'Castle' Recap: A Grimm Fairytale
'Castle' Recap: A Grimm Fairytale
Once upon a time on this week's Castle, fairytale characters are dropping like flies. First, the gang finds a less than lively Red Riding Hood, followed by a cold Snow White. The story of who committed the crimes takes our crime fighting duo back to a fairytale-themed rave. So this episode was one part cashing in on the newest fairytale trend and another part harking back to the days of I Know What You Did Last Summer.

Mostly, the episode was an excuse to jump on the zeitgeisty fairytale bandwagon and allowed Castle to make a lot of puns. So, basically, it was a pretty fun episode of Castle. Like the Kim Kardashian episode earlier this season, this week's outing didn't try to hide its lighthearted nature. That's fine, because after the edge-of-your-seat disaster thriller that was last week's episode, we were due for a breather.

Plus, we got to see Castle and Beckett joke about his mother and hold hands! They are so an old married couple already, it's pretty hilarious.

One Woman Show-Stopper

The episode begins with Martha, being very dramatic. I realize that last sentence basically recaps every Martha scene we've ever watched, but she was in fact being particularly dramatic. That's because she was retelling a not-even-remotely-true story for her one woman show. In between making up stories about giving birth to Castle on the subway and sleeping with his publisher to get his first book on the shelves, Martha is also rearranging all the chairs in Castle's house. Castle, meanwhile, goes off to slowly have an aneurysm.

Martha needs to have the one woman show in Castle's apartment for reasons that aren't exactly clear but seem to mostly just involve torturing Castle. It's pretty funny, actually, so I approve. Castle wants to know why Alexis hasn't stopped this madness, but it's because she's stage manager now. And once Alexis has some power, you know she's going to be totally committed to this show, like she is putting on a full-scale Shakespeare production. Poor Castle. Martha also wins some more of our love by inviting Beckett and telling Castle to make a date out of it. You know what they say, Castle, mother knows best!

While they duck out of the actual one woman show to go solve their fairytale case, they get a special performance for just the two of them later on. Martha talks about how Castle became her "kidnapper" but that she eventually found the best role of all: mother. Just when Castle thinks it's going well, however, she starts talking about how she wishes he was a better son.

The best part of this whole interaction is how Beckett is sitting forward in her seat the entire time, enraptured by the play. It's pretty hilarious; she is so into it. As the episode ends, Caskett hold hands. Start making your GIFs now, shippers; that moment is going to have to get you through hiatus.

Little Dead Riding Hood

Once upon a time, there were two dead bodies dressed up like fairytale characters. Fairytales, they're so hot right now! (Zoolander references forever.) First is Little Red Riding Hood, who is made to look like she was killed by a wolf but was actually dosed with some powerful drugs. Second is Snow White, found with apple in hand but killed the same way. Finally, they manage to save the girl dressed as Sleeping Beauty before she, too, goes to the great Grimm's book in the sky.

Looking into the case, they find that all three girls were the victims of extortion for their roles in the hit and run death of a friend after a rave seven years before. The extorter is Tyler's Uncle from The Vampire Diaries, whose attractive face is severely wasted in this episode. Turns out his brother was the victim of the hit and run accident and after finding a photo of the girls with him on the night of his death, he thought he'd get justice through cold hard cash.

This season, Castle is really squandering attractive dudes in the screentime department. Remember that one episode Smallville's Justin Hartley was in? Yeah, me neither because he, too, only showed up for approximately five seconds.

Sadly, Ryan, Esposito and Lanie didn't have much to do this episode. Although we did find out that Ryan has been afraid of dolls since he saw Chucky. I completely understand him; there is nothing creepier than a creepy doll. Ask The River and 90% of horror movies.

Something about the case doesn't sit well with either Castle or Beckett, though. When tying Martha's costume bow, he cracks the case wide open. I feel like Martha should be getting much more credit for solving these mysteries than she is currently. She's always walking into a scene and saying the perfect thing for Castle's eureka moment. I think Martha deserves a plaque at the police precinct. Something like: "Martha, thanks for your conveniently applicable life lessons! XOXO NYPD."

You see, while the bows of the first two victims were tied perfectly, the third woman's bow was tied sloppily. This was because she was tying it herself and dosed herself with drugs, but not a lethal amount, to make herself look innocent. She didn't want anyone to know that she was really the one that hit their friend, and she didn't want any of the girls spilling the beans either.

As the correct perp is hauled away, Beckett says she understands wanting to keep some things a secret. I'm assuming she's talking about her knowledge of Castle's feelings for her. Just tell him already, Beckett!

Looks like Castle is going to take a few weeks off, but we have a lot to ponder in the meantime. What is the story with Castle's father? What's the conspiracy behind the murder of Beckett's mother? And will Castle and Beckett ever get around to finally saying those three little words to one another? Sound off in the comments!

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