'Castle' Recap: A Foreign Affair of the Heart
'Castle' Recap: A Foreign Affair of the Heart
This week on Castle, Castle is pulling away from a confused Beckett just when she's becoming ready to admit her feelings. God, these two crazy kids are just the worst at timing, aren't they? When Castle's ready to admit his feelings, Beckett isn't. When Beckett's finally there, Castle is throwing rich guy temper tantrums by skipping out on cases and dating flight attendants.

While the characters might seem further apart than ever, at least it seems that the show is textually acknowledging that it's time to move forward with their relationship. Thank god for Lanie, official voice of the audience, for saying what we've always wanted to say. That being, basically: GO FOR IT!

In the case of the episode, Beckett fills the Castle-shaped void in her heart (and the precinct) by working with a hunky Scotland Yard detective named Colin to track down who murdered his friend, Naomi. This involves lots of spy stuff like fake identities and European consulates and formal wear. I've learned from years of watching spy shows that it's never a mission until people are in formal wear, doing some sort of sexy dance.


The case of the week is the murder of Naomi, a close friend of smoldering sexy Scotland Yard detective Colin Hunt. Naomi was a model whose father was also a Scotland Yard detective, and had recently lost her doctor boyfriend in Uganda. She also spent her last few hours leaving clues for Colin like she was in The Da Vinci Code.

Among the clues is a key found in her secret inner jacket pocket which leads to a locker, which includes a picture of a diplomat and a mysterious number. Also unaccounted for? Why Naomi got into an altercation with a female rapper over flirting with her boyfriend, Biggie Slim. (Really, Castle writers? Biggie Slim? There wasn't like a rapper name generator you could have used for something more original?)

After a lot of fancy footwork courtesy of Beckett and Colin and some blind luck on Castle's date, the mystery is solved. Naomi was still looking into the murder of her boyfriend. She traced the Uganda missiles used to kill him back to the British diplomat Nigel Wynham. But Nigel was only giving his diplomatic pouch to rapper Biggie Slim to send out his cargo, all for money. You know what they say, Biggie: mo' money, mo' possibility you will end up in jail.

No More Waiting

The main part of the episode, however, is Beckett's uncomfortable realization that Castle is pulling away from her. She still doesn't know it's because Castle knows that she knows that he said I love you after the shooting. (Did you follow all that? Because I'm still not sure I did.) Instead, she's noticed Castle being more distant and this worries her.

Lanie is super awesome and becomes the mouthpiece of the audience, telling Beckett that Castle will only wait for her for so long. Lanie explains that Castle has changed because of Beckett, but that she can't ask him to wait forever. Beckett argues that she's afraid it'll ruin their friendship. "What you and I have is a friendship. What you and Castle have is a holding pattern. How long can you circle before the fuel runs out?" Lanie asks wisely.

It also works as a meta commentary on the show. The great thing about Castle is that the show realizes that it can't keep the central relationship in a holding pattern forever or it risks losing all forward momentum. Instead, this season has been all about getting the characters to a point where their feelings aren't hidden under the surface anymore. Their feelings are all on the surface now and it's going to get much messier, dear Caskett fans, before we get our Kate and Richard payoff.

The Detective and the Flight Attendant

As per usual, when things get too real for our favorite crime fighters, they retreat to something easier. Castle is nursing his hurt feelings over Beckett's betrayal by sporting around town with flight attendants he meets on the way home from Vegas. Even though he planned a pretty fabulous spy mission that had him rappelling down a building while Espo pretended to be homeless and Ryan sold flowers for no apparent reason, he's mostly out of commission this episode. You know things are bad when he doesn't even want to be in the interrogation room.

Instead, Beckett spends the whole time working with sexy Colin, his sexy accent and his ability to dance, flirt and give perfect exposition about his background and his "crusader" attachment to the job. I'll admit I fell a little bit in love with Colin this episode, especially when he gives his fake name as Agent Bauer and showcases one of the worst American accents of all time.

When Colin invites Beckett out for a drink before returning home, she initially declines to finally have the talk with Castle. The feelings talk! But Castle, still hurt, blows her off to hang out with his new lady friend, saying fun and uncomplicated is what he needs right now. So Beckett, still confused about what's gotten into Castle and whether he's really changed at all, calls Colin up for that drink after all.

Next week, it's a Firefly reunion as the man they call Jayne (or Adam Baldwin) guest stars and everyone in the precinct notices the problems between Castle and Beckett. What did you think of tonight's episode? Were you screaming at your TV for Beckett to tell Castle? Sound off in the comments!

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