'Castle' Preview Video: Castle and Beckett Are Geeks
'Castle' Preview Video: Castle and Beckett Are Geeks
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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It's good to know that, on TV anyway, even the beautiful and successful people are comic-book geeks. It's even better to find this out about characters as awesome as Castle's Rick Castle and Kate Beckett. The revelations -- seen in a promo video for "Heroes and Villains," episode 2 of the current season 4 -- actually seem to fit these two characters quite well.

The video shows a scene where the police detective and writer go to a comic-book store to follow up on a lead in their latest homicide. When a murder seems to be the result of vigilante justice by a costumed "hero," the world of comic books is an obvious next destination.

We don't get to see the caped (or masked or whatever) crusader in this video, but the action does give a feel for the ethos of this bizarre and kind of fun crime. Check out the video below:

What important** things have we learned from this video?

(**Yes, I realize that there is little of importance -- in a real world sense -- in a discussion of comic books. But you've got to let us nerds have our little obsessions, OK? Cool. Let's move on.)

  • Apparently, both Castle and Beckett are big enough comic geeks to have favorite characters picked out and ready to defend at the drop of a hat.
  • On that same note, it's always fun to see little glimmers of Beckett's very well-hidden, inner geek.
  • Has there ever been a superhero less like Castle than Spiderman? Beckett may lose some of her geek cred for even suggesting that character. 
  • Castle broods? When?
  • That seems to be a rather busy and pleasant comic-book store. 
  • "I'm sorry, Detective Beckett. I should've said 'Spoiler alert.'" 
  • Of course Beckett is on the pre-order list.

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Who do you think is the bigger geek: Beckett or Castle? Which comic-book character would you pick for either of the detectives? What are your thoughts on vigilante justice? Leave your thoughts and comments below!

(Image and video courtesy of ABC)