'Castle' Preview: Investigating a Kiss
'Castle' Preview: Investigating a Kiss
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
This is it, people. The long-anticipated episode featuring that kiss is now upon us. And what an incredible episode of Castle it will be.

Even though the kiss isn't just a kiss. Of course.

This week's episode, "Knockdown," revisits the ongoing storyline surrounding the murder of Beckett's mother 12 years earlier. We already knew that she had been murdered and that the crime -- originally thought to be random street violence -- was a hired hit. Alas, Beckett had to shoot the assassin before he could tell her anything more.

But now there is more. Beckett gets pulled back into her old nightmare with a phone call from the (now-retired) cop who investigated Joanna Beckett's murder. He is, however, stopped before he can spill the beans. This violent event leads to a whole string of incidents and investigations that bring the detective one crucial step closer to the truth.

The incidents and investigations also bring the kiss. More on that in a minute.

"Knockdown" truly isn't your typical Castle episode. The murder victim is personal this time, and emotions run high for every character as the case proceeds. As a result, the witty banter and cheerful flirting that typically make up the Castle-Beckett relationship dim.

That dimming is not a bad thing. When emotions lead Rick Castle and Kate Beckett into their more serious moods and behaviors, we actually get a chance to see the grown-ups that typically hide behind their playfulness. If you've suspected how much the characters really mean to each other, this is your chance to see it in great detail. The relationship is so much more than simple attraction. As Castle and Beckett do establish by the end of the episode, they are partners.

Of course, we shallow viewers care more about a certain kiss than the dark case that surrounds it. Well, our shallowness will indeed be rewarded, because it's one impressive kiss. Yes, there are conditions surrounding the glorious incident, but that doesn't make it any less incredible to watch. And it will definitely return to haunt the show for many, many episodes to come.

CastleKnockdownKiss.jpgOther points of interest in "Knockdown":
  • Castle and Beckett will call each other by first names, under certain conditions.
  • Ryan and Esposito bear up awesomely under torture.
  • Beckett's mother's murder is a complicated case. Really, really complicated.
  • It's best not to ask why a lone gunman might surround himself with henchmen (who cannot, apparently, shoot straight).
  • If you like Captain Montgomery, this is the episode for you.
  • Watch for the best use ever of Dickens' A Christmas Carol in non-holiday pop culture.

What do you think? Are you eager to see what the kiss is about? Or do you care more about the mystery surrounding Beckett's mother? Do you think we will get to see Castle and Beckett dating soon? Leave a comment below with your theories and opinions!

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