'Castle' Fan Columnist: Luck Has Nothing to Do with It
'Castle' Fan Columnist: Luck Has Nothing to Do with It
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
Oh wow, Castle fans.  I don't even know where to begin.  Although I was admittedly worried about how they were going to follow up "Knockdown," I just can't seem to say enough about how great this episode was, and I definitely want to give a shout out to the writers on this one. Job very well done!

I mean, really, Castle just keeps getting better with each and every episode, and if anyone needs further proof as to why this is in my opinion the best show on television, let me tell you this: It makes me love and look forward to Mondays! 

But I digress. Let's get to talking about all the Caskett goodness and everything else that went down in this week's episode, "Lucky Stiff."

Not So Lucky Anymore

This week's murder centered on a $117 million lottery winner from Florida named Jay Hixton. After having been shot dead in his apartment and found by his butler, Beckett and Castle are called in to investigate.  

When they arrive at the scene, they discover that $100,000 has been stolen out of his safe as well, and, naturally, Castle thinks the butler did it. Of course, Beckett is not as convinced, so she turns to Jay's family for some answers.

Apparently, the money they won from the lottery did more harm than good at first in that people started treating them differently, and this ultimately forced the entire family to move to New York for a fresh start. Also, Jay couldn't stop spending, and his daughter, Nicole, got hooked on drugs.

And so, enter Titus and Greg Page, two thugs who robbed Hixton a month after he won the lottery. Because Hixton was seemingly afraid of something in his past before he died and it was his testimony that put the Page brothers in jail, they emerge as prime suspects in his murder.

However, the Page brothers ultimately divulge to Castle, Beckett, Ryan and Esposito (or rather rap) that Hixton had called them looking for a favor. Having known his daughter's drug problem was mainly with her dealer, Oz, he wanted the two to go rough him up a bit and tell him to stay away from his daughter.  

So, unfortunately, the Page brothers alibi out, but if you want to hear more of their awesome song "Get on the Floor" watch the video below.

Totally worth it, right?  Now, let's get back to the case.

Upon finding evidence that Hixton's butler, Reginald Easley, resigned from his previous employers after some of their valuables went missing, Castle and Beckett go to talk to him. Here, they learn that Hixton had felt so guilty about all his money and had started giving it all away to charity because he had actually stolen the winning lottery ticket.  

"But from whom?" you might ask. Well, after remembering that Jay bought a mausoleum for his neighbor with the money he had won, Castle and the gang discover that the winning numbers were those of Hixton's neighbor, Hank Walters, who died of natural causes on the day that the winning numbers were announced.

The fact that Jay took an extra day to come forward with the winning numbers shows that he was considering the moral implications of what he was about to do and explains why he felt so guilty and obligated to give his money away.  

Yet, while some might have thought what Jay was doing was noble, one person certainly did not, and that person was Shawn York, a close relation of Hank's who knew what Jay had done. Seeking revenge and the money owed to him, Shawn traveled to New York to confront Jay, but when he wouldn't give him the money because he knew he would most likely spend it on things like drugs, Shawn shot him and made off with the money in his safe.  

The Martha Rodgers School of Acting

One thing I absolutely loved about this episode was the fact that we got to see a lot more of our beloved Castle's lovely mother, Martha. Unfortunately, however, Martha was in a bit of a tough position as she had inherited $1 million from her old boyfriend, Chet, in his will and felt as though she didn't deserve it because she was planning on breaking up with him some time before he died.

And now this brings me to another one of the great moments from this week's episode: a talk between Beckett and Martha. Don't you just love how Beckett has totally bonded with Castle's family? Yes, she's going to fit right in someday.  

Martha firsts thinks Beckett and her son are going out on a date when the two get dressed up to do some undercover work in the club, but while Castle is changing, Beckett asks how Martha is doing, and the two have a very sweet chat about what she should do with the money.

Adorably quoting Castle himself, Beckett tells Martha that money does not change a person but instead just amplifies who they are, and she suggests that Martha do something that would honor Chet's memory.  

So, Martha ultimately decides that she is going to open up the Martha Rodgers School of Acting because Chet was always encouraging her to use her talent to help people, and she says that she will commission a portrait of him that will hang in the lobby so that this legacy will last forever. How sweet!  

Also, although Beckett and Martha didn't get a lot of time to talk, I, for one, am totally advocating more scenes like this because it really was so touching and adorable to see just how well Beckett already fits into Castle's little family unit.  

We Know

Although it was only addressed for a brief moment in this episode, I would like to mention the fact that Ryan finally revealed to Esposito that he, Castle and Beckett all know about him and Lanie.      

I suspect that this will come into play more in the next episode, and I totally cannot wait for it because that means we get to see more of Lanie, who I feel deserves way more screen time. 

Also, minor spoiler alert -- Ryan and Jenny and Lanie and Esposito will be going on a double date in the future, and one of the writers of Castle confirmed that we will be seeing more of Esposito shirtless. Happy Valentine's Day to us!  

What Would You Do?

All right, Castle fans. I love this new dynamic between Castle and Beckett. Well, I'm not sure if you could call it new exactly, but did you see those looks Beckett gave Castle throughout this entire episode? Oh yes. Thank you "Knockdown" kiss.  

It seems as though our dear detective is having a slightly difficult time bottling up all those emotions, and I think that became evident in this episode in her playfulness and sincerity. Of course, the two have always been going back and forth, but this time Beckett seemed to be truly enjoying herself rather than pretending to be annoyed, and I am all for it.  

For instance, when Castle and Beckett are waiting for the Page brothers in the car, she asks him how his money magnified him, and while at first he says it magnified his inner child, Castle then confesses that it made him realize that the only luxury he cares about is his freedom, the freedom to write and the freedom to hang out with Alexis.  

For Beckett, this makes her realize that Castle changed and essentially grew up, and you can tell that she really values and takes note of this personal growth.

And, of course, there's the infamous club scene, which could not have been any better. Beckett totally toying with Castle and then him staring at her butt ... classic. Again, that romantic tension is there, and I'm sure that if you're at all like me, you're just relishing every moment of it.

Finally, though, we have come to the most poignant part of the episode in my opinion and perhaps one of the sweetest endings to a Castle episode yet. From the very beginning of "Lucky Stiff," Castle kept asking everyone what they would do if they won the lottery, and while Captain Montgomery confessed that he would buy a huge boat and Esposito said he would buy a Ferrari, Castle just could not get Beckett to say what she would do.

And when she doesn't tell him, he eventually figures it out on his own and does the sweetest thing ever. Realizing that Beckett would do something to honor her mother's memory, Castle calls the dean of her mother's old law school, and they decide to start a scholarship in Johanna Beckett's name that will provide a full ride for a student planning on dedicating their career to those in the legal system without a voice just like Beckett's mom.

So, Castle just asks for Beckett's blessing, and while at first she seems upset that he once again could not stay out of her personal life, it turns out that she was just messing with him and is incredibly grateful and thinks what he is doing is so sweet ... as do I. You go, Castle!  

Next Week's Episode

In quite a contrast with the lightheartedness of this week's episode that included Beckett singing to "Get on the Floor," next week's episode, "The Final Nail" will show us a quarreling Castle and Beckett as they find themselves on opposite sides of a case when one of Castle's old school friends is accused of murdering his wife.

Take a look at the promo below, and be sure to hit the comments to share your thoughts on this week's episode!

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