'Castle' Fan Columnist: Justice is Served
'Castle' Fan Columnist: Justice is Served
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
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Hey, Castle fans! In this week's very eventful episode, "Law & Murder," the juror on a high-profile murder case ends up dead as a result of cyanide poisoning, and Castle and Beckett must solve the case before it gets out of hand.

Now, before I delve any deeper, I would like to take this time to wish the fantastically charming Nathan Fillion a happy belated 40th birthday. This was definitely a big one for our main man, but as it turns out, Mr. Fillion was not the only one with cause to celebrate recently.

Last night, the lovely Stana Katic was awarded the Shorty Award in the "Actress" category, and, of course as we are all well-aware, it could not have gone to a better person. Congratulations, Stana!

But now, let's not waste any more time. For those of you who missed this episode, definitely watch it before reading this. For the rest of you, let's get recapping!

Cracking Down on Corruption

At the trial of a murdered socialite named Lyla Addison, one of the jurors, Joe McUsic, literally drops dead from cyanide poisoning.

Now, because it stands to reason that Joe's death would guarantee a mistrial for the defendant, Otis Williams, Castle and Beckett, both equally intrigued, set out to discover who killed Joe and why.

Thanks to Lanie, Castle and Beckett learn that the cyanide was injected into Joe's pills he was taking for his lupus symptoms, meaning that the killer must have had an intimate knowledge of Joe's condition as well as his apartment.

Ryan and Esposito find a man named Hank Roszell at Joe's apartment, and although he is not the murderer, he leads them to some pivotal information regarding a payment of $2,000 that Joe had Hank deliver.

Apparently, this money was delivered to the court clerk, Sandy Jenkins, in order to ensure that Joe would be among the jurors in Otis' trial. So, again, we are left with the question of why Joe wanted so badly to be a part of the case.

And, evidently, we're not the only ones eager to understand the same thing -- the district attorney, Lou Karnacki, seems pretty intent on having the case solved as well. Given that in all the years Captain Montgomery has been in command of the 12th, that was the first time he had shown up, it sure seems pretty important.

However, as we come to learn, it is not the public interest the DA has at heart, but rather his own. Currently running for mayor, Lyla Addison's parents are his largest campaign contributors, so Castle surmises that the DA was to try the case personally and put Otis away in order to secure political support.

Now, speaking of Otis, Castle and Beckett ask him to recount the night of Lyla's murder in the hopes that he will have some obscure detail that puts everything into perspective. And sure enough, he does.

As it turns out, Otis found the car vacant while walking home, and when he got in to drive off with the car, he had to pull the seat up. However, given that Lyla was very short, this means that someone else must have been driving the car and must have pushed the "seat back" button.

This someone turns out to be none other than Joe's brother, Eddie, and although it seems like the evidence all fits, he did not actually kill his brother. Instead, he confesses to Castle and Beckett that Stephen Addison, Lyla's brother, was messing around with a gun in the car, and when they drove over a pothole, he accidentally shot and killed his sister with it.

Afraid that Stephen would pin the murder on him because he was a "nobody," Joe's brother contacted him and told him everything that had happened including the fact that Stephen had tossed his bloody clothes into a dumpster near the crime scene which Joe later sent to the DA as proof of Otis' innocence.

So, Joe's insistence on being a juror stemmed from the fact that he wanted to save an innocent man from a lifetime in jail. Very noble aspiration, right?

Unfortunately, however, he was poisoned to death by Stephen, and even the DA tried to sweep the truth of this murder under the rug so that he could become mayor.

Of course, both got what was coming to them as Stephen was charged for two murders and the DA was replaced. So, once again, the Castle universe has returned to a state of equilibrium.

Angry or Proud

One of my favorite things about this episode was that we got to see more of the incredibly talented Molly Quinn, and what a fantastic performance she gave!  I find myself constantly in awe of her, don't you?

This week an argument arose between Castle and Alexis as Castle had been GPS-tracking her phone thanks to a new app he just installed. As her father, he feels he has the right to know what she's doing and where she's going and feels that that is by far the least intrusive way of doing so. Oh, Castle.

When Alexis finds about this, she gets extremely upset, and rightly so. Sure, she lied about where she was, but that doesn't make it OK for her father to violate her trust the way he did.

Of course, being the amazing daughter that she is, Alexis later comes to the precinct to apologize to her father and tell him the real reason why she wasn't where she said she was.

Apparently, some of Alexis' friends had shoplifted some items from a boutique, and although Alexis did not participate in this, she felt so bad for what her friends had done that she took money out of her savings and went back to the store to pay for what her friends had stolen.

What's more, even when prompted by her father, Alexis would not reveal the names of her friends that had shoplifted because she didn't want to nark on them. Now, is this not a phenomenal kid or what?

Obviously, Castle thinks so too, confessing that he does not know whether he should be angry or proud. These two really are ridiculously adorable together.

The Truth Comes Out

It really is a treat when a normally minor character gets a pretty significant part of the storyline, and such was the case with the wonderful Ruben Santiago-Hudson in this week's episode.

As much as we all love Captain Montgomery, we usually don't get to see very much of him, but in last night's episode, this was certainly not the case.

In fact, Captain Montgomery had one of the most important parts of the episode which was getting the corrupt DA to confess what he had done and what hand he had in the cover-up of Lyla Addison's murder.

Rather ingeniously wearing a microphone behind his tie, Captain Montgomery brilliantly baits Lou Karnacki into confessing, and he also records him trying to bribe him into keeping quiet by promising him an appointment.  

Way to go, Captain!

The Renaissance Man

Although this was not a huge part of the episode, I absolutely loved when Ryan quoted Shakespeare and claimed he was a "Renaissance Man," to which Esposito promptly responded that he is not Castle and therefore should stop trying to talk like him.

The banter between these two is outstanding every single episode, and both Seamus Dever and Jon Huertas do such a commendable job week-in and week-out that I wanted to take this time to recognize them both.

The show would not be the same without them, and what they do to bring us a fantastic episode every week is remarkable. I mean, really, did you see Ryan flip that guy? So awesome!

Movie Night

By now, I think we've all come to expect that the last three minutes or so of each episode will be filled with some Caskett goodness, and this episode did not fail to disappoint.

At the beginning of the episode, Castle was trying to recruit both Alexis and Martha to see the movie Forbidden Planet with him, but as both were busy and he got a call from Beckett, the idea was temporarily tabled.

However, once the case is solved, Castle asks Beckett if she has plans with Josh for the evening, but since he is on call, she tells him that she is going to see Forbidden Planet at the Angelica, the very thing he had wanted to do.

In classic Castle fashion, he plays dumb and pretends never to have seen the movie in the hopes the he can accompany Beckett to the theater. And, of course, she falls for it and tells him that she's taking him with her, refusing to take no for an answer.

She says it's her treat, and she seems so genuinely excited about taking him to see the movie that she had me, one of the biggest Caskett shippers around, almost keeling over with happiness.

Yes, Beckett is unfortunately still with Josh, but with every episode the chemistry between her and Castle just keeps getting more and more intense. I firmly believe that the end of this season will end on a positive note for our favorite should-be couple, unlike last season's heartbreaker.

Also, don't forget that we have the Los Angeles Castle episode, "To Love and Die in L.A.," to look forward to, which promises to be a great one for Caskett shippers. May 2, my friends. Mark your calendars!

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Next Week's Episode

On the next episode of Castle, "Slice of Death," a man is found dead inside of a pizza oven which leads Castle and Beckett on a crazy trail to find his killer.

Check out the promo below, and be sure to hit the comments with all of your thoughts about this week's episode!

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