'Castle' Fan Columnist: A New-Found Trust is Tested
'Castle' Fan Columnist: A New-Found Trust is Tested
Nicole Bessette
Nicole Bessette
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
All right, Castle fans, so in this week's episode we saw something we don't usually see: Castle and Beckett on completely opposite sides of a case.  Sure, they always have their witty back and forth moments, but in this week's episode it was like goodbye banter, hello tension.  

And perhaps what was most unusual this time was the fact that the case, which is what normally brings the two lovebirds together, is what actually drove them temporarily apart.  

But, alas, never fear, my friends! We all know a little bit of arguing every once in awhile is good for any relationship, and besides, these two are obviously way too smitten to stay mad at each other for long.  

So, sit back and relax while I break down this week's episode, "The Final Nail."

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History Repeating

This week's murder hit very close to home for our favorite crime novelist Richard Castle when he got a call from a long-time friend of his, Damian Westlake, saying that his wife, Vicki, had been murdered ... with a nail gun.

Anyway, knowing of Castle's association with the NYPD, he hoped for some much-needed help and support from his old boarding school friend, and of course, Castle is there for him, promising to catch whoever was responsible.  

Yet, here's where things start to get a little tricky.  

Although Castle has the utmost faith in his friend and firmly believes he did not kill his wife, all the evidence points to Damian, and as a result, Beckett regards him as their prime suspect.  

Of course, Castle's position on his friend's innocence is not helped when Damian's financial records are analyzed. As it turns out, the half-million dollars he received from his inheritance as a result of his father's death several years before is completely gone, and what little he had left he spent on wooing Vicki so that when they finally did get married, she was paying all the bills.  

Moreover, Beckett and Castle discover that Damian was having an affair with a woman named Callie, and when Vicki found out about it, she had divorce papers drawn up and was even thinking about going back to her ex-husband, Simon Campbell.  

She and Simon already had two kids together, and upon discovering that Damian had replaced the 11 karat diamond in her engagement ring and diamonds in her other jewelry for imitations as a way to get some extra cash, this seemed to be the final straw. She realized she had made a mistake and regretted marrying Damian.   

Now, in addition to this laundry list of things that made Damian a bad husband and a thief, the issue of his past and his suspicion in his father's murder was something that kept being brought up.  

Still, in a valiant effort to remain loyal to his friend, Castle vowed to solve the murder of Damian's father to prove that he didn't kill his wife, and now this brings us to quite an astounding revelation in regard to this double murder.  

Yes, it is true that Damian did not kill his wife -- that crime was committed by Vicki's assistant, Amber Patinelli, who fell madly in love with Vicki's ex-husband Simon and desperately wanted him for herself. So, she rather shockingly killed Vicki because she refused to let her have him, and according to her, no one could ever love him the way that she could.

However (and here comes the kicker), Damian did have a hand in his father's murder. As Castle revealed during the episode, Damian and his father never had the greatest relationship, and so, Damian employed the help of another boarding school attendee, Michael Rutherford (resident sociopath), to break into his father's house and shoot him, giving him his Rolex and his car as a down payment.

Yet, whereas last time Damian was able to walk away from the charges, this time he wasn't as fortunate. After being brought into custody, Michael made a deal with the cops and confessed to the murder as well as Damian's involvement, giving them his Rolex and a map he drew of his father's house and the path leading to his bedroom as proof.

And so, after all that Castle did to fight for his friend, it turns out that he really was a murderer; he just didn't murder his wife.  Now, although Castle was clearly crushed to have received this news, I think his dedication to his friend was certainly very commendable, and I think this unfaltering loyalty is one of the many things that endears us all to him. We love you, Castle!        

A Lovers' Quarrel

Or, as Esposito so exquisitely put it, "Mom and Dad are fighting."

Well, yes, as Esposito said, Beckett and Castle certainly did not see eye to eye on this one, and just like Beckett becomes too close to the case when it deals with her mother, Castle became too close to this case because it involved a very dear friend of his.  

So, although Castle really did not remain very objective or stay out of her way throughout the case as he said he would, there was no denying that Beckett felt sorry for Castle and what he was going through. I mean, did you see those looks she gave him?  

Also, even though she emphatically believed that Damian killed his wife due to the evidence that seemed to be stacked against him, she chose to pay him another visit because Castle believed in him, and she believes in Castle.  

So, while this episode was hyped up on the premise that their new-found trust would be tested, I think it more than proved that the trust between Beckett and Castle is now rock solid. Given the way that they call each other and genuinely rely on each other, how could it not be?  

After all that they have been through together, especially in regard to the murder of Beckett's mom and also that epic kiss, their partnership has most assuredly risen to a new level, and to me, it seems as if things can only go up from here.

For instance, the two now know and understand each other so well that they can disagree on a case and still be OK, but even more, at the end of the episode, Beckett knew Castle was not OK and called him out on lying when she asked him how he was.  

Also, in an effort to cheer him up, she offered to buy him a drink, and to me, that genuine concern and sincerity is a sign that the feelings that Beckett had at the end of last season are once again beginning to come to the surface.

Castle's Backstory

Now, apart from the adorable Caskett moments in this episode, one of the things I loved most was that we got a little more insight into what Castle was like when he was younger and in high school.

For instance, we learned that his mother sent him to a boarding school when he was 14, and unfortunately for our beloved Castle, he quickly got homesick and initially didn't have any friends.

Yet, true to the great novelist he would later become, Castle took these feelings and these experiences and used them to create a story which he submitted to the literary magazine, of which Damian was editor of at the time.  

Not only did he publish the story, but Damian also called Castle down to his office, sat him down, and told him, "Ricky, you have a great talent."  

According to Castle, no one had ever said anything like that to him before, and he says that Damian encouraged him and always made him dig a little deeper. And, what's more, Castle divulges that, if it had not been for Damian, he would not have been a writer. In short, without Damian, he wouldn't be himself.  

So, it is with these words that we learn why Castle was so emotionally invested in this case, and it is also why I must thank Damian for inspiring and encouraging him to write in the first place. I mean, really, have you read Heat Wave and Naked Heat? Absolute genius.

Valentine's Day

Yes, this was the Valentine's Day episode of Castle, and perhaps my only complaint is that we didn't get to see any of the couples spend the holiday together.  

For example, we know that Esposito was planning on getting Lanie a gift from a jewelry store, Ryan said that he was going to give Jenny some chocolate, and Alexis bought Ashley an engraved frame that said "True Love" with a picture of his pet rat Theodore inside, but we never actually got to see any of this play out.  

Of course, given the time restraints, this would be next to impossible, so for now I'll just have to wait for the double date episode to get some good Esposito and Lanie and Ryan and Jenny action.  

Also, I would just like to mention Beckett's response to her Valentine's Day plans. "Josh is a surgeon. I'm a cop. In the unlikely event that we have a couple of hours free on Monday night, we might go to dinner."

Now, I'm sorry, but does that really sound like a great relationship to be in? One where you hardly ever see the person you're dating because they're rarely ever around -- that can't possibly last for very long.  

Which is why Beckett needs to dump Josh ASAP and get with Castle, right? Well, I can certainly dream until then ...

Next Week's Episode

The next episode of Castle, "Setup," kicks off the action-packed, high stakes two-part storyline that deals with the possible threat of terrorism and lands our favorite crime-fighting duo in some pretty close calls. Also, enter Heroes' Adrian Pasdar as Agent Fallon who arrives to help Castle and Beckett solve the case before it's too late.

Check out the promo below and be sure to hit the comments with your thoughts on this week's episode!

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