'Castle' Exclusive Interview: Tamala Jones on Beckett's Shooting, Esplanie and Guns
'Castle' Exclusive Interview: Tamala Jones on Beckett's Shooting, Esplanie and Guns
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
With Castle about to return for season 4, expectations are riding high about the resolution of season 3's cliffhanger ending. Will Beckett survive? Where will the detectives turn next?

While the show will give us answers answers soon, Tamala Jones has some things to say right now. The actress who plays Dr. Lanie Parrish on Castle spoke to BuddyTV about her character, the upcoming season and why exactly she would like Lanie to have a gun.

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How is it being back at work on Castle?
Tamala Jones: Oh my God, it is so wonderful. You know, you go away -- and it was barely almost three months -- and it felt like it was a year, being away from everyone.

You know, once we all go on vacation we either, you know most of us are starting another project or we're going straightaway to some tropical place to go and relax, so we don't get a chance to see or talk to anyone in the break. And when we get back, it's like, "Hi guys!"

What can you say about how Lanie deals with Beckett's shooting and what comes afterward?
Tamala Jones: I think this is the first time in Castle history that you see Lanie being vulnerable. Because most of the time we see her, she's got something sassy coming out of her mouth... With Beckett being shot and literally hanging on life by a tiny piece, for her, she's very, very scared, very worried, and you see her cry. You see the vulnerability within her and I thought it was really nice for Andrew [Marlowe] to write that. That's something the audience has not been able to see.

Since Lanie's not in on all the secrets that surround the shooting, is Lanie going to ask about what is actually going on?
Tamala Jones: I think in the middle of the season we see some of that. But Andrew's focus now is really, "Is Beckett going to live?" and if she does, what's going to happen afterwards. And then we have this new Captain, played by Penny [Johnson Jerald], and it's all about her introduction at this point in the beginning of the season. She's taking over from Captain Montgomery.

I think that right now, that is the main focus for the writers, to really introduce the new Captain and give the dynamic that there is going to be between her and Castle and Beckett. You know, she's not really a fan of Castle or has any affiliation with the Mayor like Captain Montgomery did.

So it's a whole new thing for this woman. She's new. She's coming in. She's strictly by-the-book. And she's like, "I don't get this writer following you who's an officer, a detective, around, and I don't like it. So we're gonna have to do something about that." So there's that tug-of-war that we're dealing with now in the very beginning phase. But as far as going more with Lanie, that's more mid-season.

What can we look forward to from Lanie and Esposito this season?
Tamala Jones: Well, I think they're going to have a little bit of the relationship blues, because you know we all have the honeymoon phase, and I think this season, our honeymoon stage has ended. And so you're going to see some normal kind of relationship tension.

There was a crime scene that we were at, and there was this woman. And she was known for getting in and out of cars showing... you could see that she has no underwear on. You know, a Paris Hilton kind of a thing. And the guys are talking about it, and I think that they forget that Lanie's standing there. So Lanie kind of looks at Esposito like, "Uh-huh. We've all seen pictures."

You start to see that kind of tension between Lanie and Esposito, which I think is great because it's so real. I mean, women, we go through that when we're in love with a spouse or a partner. You know we kind of get a little jealous when we hear them mention things about other beautiful women.

Even if they're dead.

What has been your favorite episode of Castle so far?
Tamala Jones: I'm such a huge fan of the Halloween episode. I loved that. I loved that because we really got into the spirit on set. Even outside of the characters, we were all in the Halloween moment of dressing up -- we dressed up as different things every day. And it was just great for all of us to be in Castle's loft at the end, at his Halloween party, and, you know, to have solved the murders that we did that had to do with vampires and werewolves and the "Fangmagorium..."

To incorporate all that and still maintain Castle, the show, was awesome. Terry is just an amazing writer. Terry Miller. She is... oh my God. That woman, every time she writes stuff, I'm like, "Girl power!" I love her! I love her and she's an amazing writer and that was the best show ever.

Looking toward the future, is there anything you'd like to see coming up for Lanie or anything you would like to see her do?
Tamala Jones: I would like to see Lanie kind of still be the medical examiner, but because of the situations that have happened with Captain Montgomery being murdered and her friend -- her best friend in the world -- being shot and hanging on to life, you know... I would love to see Lanie start carrying a gun.

I would love to see something happen where you know Lanie has a gun, and she's not playing anymore. It's not about inspecting bodies and doing autopsies, it's about protecting herself and her friends. I love that. And I would love Esposito to take her down to the shooting range to show her how to use it.

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Season 4 of Castle premieres on Monday, September 19 at 10pm on ABC.

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