'Castle' Casts a New NYC Mayor for a Scandalous Plot
'Castle' Casts a New NYC Mayor for a Scandalous Plot
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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Remember the mayor that Castle is always bragging about? It sounds like we're going to be seeing an awful lot of the man later in Castle season 4 -- the show has cast Derek Webster in the part of Mayor Robert Weldon. Although this increased exposure will not be so positive for the politician himself, more of the man whose power made the Castle-Beckett partnership possible must be good for audiences.

If you've been paying close attention to Castle over the seasons, you might be wondering why this is casting news. Earlier glimpses of the Mayor Weldon in season 1 were played by Joseph C. Phillips, while the current incarnation of the mayor involves a different actor.

According to TVLine, Derek Webster (Damages) will play the NYC mayor in an episode dealing with a political scandal.

In a ripped-from-the-headlines style plot, the Mayor will find himself implicated in a murder -- a dead woman who had met with an agent to discuss a potential book on Robert Weldon. It seems (according to a report from TVGuide.com) that the city's oh-so-honorable mayor might have gotten involved in a service called "Dial-a-Goddess."

That kind of thing never ends well for a politician. Will it end in a murder charge as well? Or will Castle figure out a way to get his old buddy off the hook.

There is also the question of whether Castle would even want to help such a person. For all is playboy proclivities, Richard Castle hasn't ever been much into deception. On the other hand, it was the mayor who made it possible for Castle to hang out with the police in the first place. Would the author even be allowed to trail Beckett anymore if Mayor Weldon's support suddenly disappeared?

All of this should make for a delicious dilemma when the mayor-centered episode airs later this season.

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Castle season 4 airs Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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