'Castle' Casting News: Everybody's Going Hollywood
'Castle' Casting News: Everybody's Going Hollywood
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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The upcoming episode of Castle set in Los Angeles is going to be positively bursting with guest stars, if recent casting news is to be believed. In addition to at least three prominent guest actors, we have news on the movie-versions of Ryan and Esposito.

TV Guide reports that the Castle sidekicks now have their film alter egos. The stand-ins found in Castle's Heat Wave novel go by the names of Raley and Ochoa, obvious counterparts to the "real" Ryan and Esposito. Now that Heat Wave is set to become a movie in the Castle universe, it's time for casting.

Ryan Deal (previously seen in the online The Other Side, a spin-off of Ghost Whisperer) will play the actor portraying Raley, while Justice Gamble will play the actor of Ochoa. There's no word yet on what their actor-characters will be named.

Alas for fans of Natalie Rhodes, set to play Nikki Heat (the alter-ego of Castle's Kate Beckett), actress Laura Prepon is working on a pilot and won't make the upcoming Castle episode.

It is not, however, just Raley and Ochoa who have been cast for the episode. As reported earlier, Dominic Purcell will play a businessman connected to the case. TV Guide now reports that D.B. Sweeney and Jason George (Off the Map) will also appear as characters during Castle's visit to Hollywood.

D.B. Sweeney will play Detective Kyle Seeger of the LAPD, while Jason George will be an entrepreneur associated with the investigation.

And what is the investigation? It turns out that Beckett's former partner has been murdered, prompting her cross-country trip. Castle, presumably, tags along to "help" and to check out the filming of the "Nikki Heat" movie.

Considering the episode is set in Hollywood, there could be no end to the California stars popping into the Castle world.

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Are you excited about any of the casting announcements? What do you think about the casting of Raley and Ochoa? Is there any chance that Ryan and Esposito will get to meet their Hollywood counterparts? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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