'Castle' Casting: Film Noir with Mark Pellegrino
'Castle' Casting: Film Noir with Mark Pellegrino
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Castle has had its fair share of interesting guest stars. And Castle has had its fair share of interesting episode themes. But never have the two been so entwined as in an upcoming episode set in the 1940s. Guest starring in that particular episode will be Mark Pellegrino.

According to a report from TVLine, Mark Pellegrino will show up for his guest-starring role on Castle at some point during the February sweeps. The episode in question will have a film noir theme -- hence the time period of the 1940s -- brought to life by the overactive imagination of one Richard Castle.

It sounds like Castle and Beckett will be doing their investigation-as-usual thing when they discover a tie to a 1947 case. In the past mystery, a ruthless club owner by the name of Tom Dempsey (played by Mark Pellegrino) has a vendetta against a private eye and his girl (imagined as being Castle and Beckett, respectively). Dempsey is involved in some shady dealings -- dealings that seem to relate directly to the present-day murders.

Considering the retro-style photos that were released prior to the beginning of Castle season 4, it's hardly surprising that the show would pay homage to the ever-popular film noir genre.

Mark Pellegrino, initially known for his roles on Lost (as Jacob), Dexter (as Rita's druggie ex-husband), has had several prominent guest-starring parts in the past couple of years. He appeared as Lucifer on Supernatural and as Gavin Q. Baker III on The Closer, in addition to his major recurring role as Bishop on Being Human.

Pellegrino should make for an excellent foe for Castle and Beckett -- or even for their imaginary alter egos.

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Castle airs on Mondays at 10pm on ABC.

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