Buddy Battles: Why You Should Vote 'Castle' as the Best Scooby Gang
Buddy Battles: Why You Should Vote 'Castle' as the Best Scooby Gang
Rachelle Thomas
Rachelle Thomas
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
It is Buddy Battle time again and this year it is the battle of the Scooby gangs. The classic gangs are battling it out against current gangs and the competition is fierce.

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After the preliminary voting round ended my favorite Scooby gang, the crew of Castle has made the cut. Now it is time for me to share with you why you should vote for ABC's Castle in the Scooby gang battle. 

Beckett, Castle, Ryan and Esposito are the epitome of a Scooby gang. They not only work together but they are pals too, well in the case of Castle and Beckett more than just pals. The detectives and the writer solve cases together like a well-oiled machine. In fact when one of them is not there, like when Kate joined the FBI, the whole dynamic is out of whack. When Kate left both Ryan and Esposito charged on but their whole demeanor was different. They lost their leader, so to speak, and it showed. It is very clear that this group is better together than apart. 

The gang has each other's backs at all times. Whether it is in the workplace or in their personal lives this foursome is all about protecting and helping each other out. Remember when Castle and Beckett first started seeing each other and Ryan and Esposito totally covered for them at work with the chief. Also, when Castle's daughter went missing this gang pulled out all the stops to support him and get his daughter back. 

Now you can't have a Scooby gang without a little trouble or mischief, if you will, and the Castle gang is all about that. From Castle's wacky plans to Ryan and Esposito playing practical jokes, this gang has a way of finding trouble and mischief. Granted their job is to solve crimes, so that alone has a trouble factor but that is small in comparison to the trouble these guys get into. I mean Ryan and Esposito were trapped in a building with a gas leak all while Ryan's wife was in labor. They certainly didn't plan to be trapped but once again trouble managed to find them. 

Castle has the best Scooby gang. They solve crimes, are the best of friends and even have a way of getting into trouble. Yes I know all the gangs in this battle fit that mold but these guys are special. Why you ask? Well because they have a unique bond that can't be broken, though many have tried. Castle and Beckett for one fought their attraction to each other for years, only to get together and be even better as a couple then they were as friends/co-workers. Plus the foursome is freaking hysterical. The banter that these characters have is awesome and will put a smile on your face every episode. They are drama and comedy all rolled up into one. 

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