'Bachelor' Bits: Let's Hear What Courtney Roberton's Mom and T-Shirt Have to Say
'Bachelor' Bits: Let's Hear What Courtney Roberton's Mom and T-Shirt Have to Say
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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Don't forget, The Bachelor is on tonight. Approximately a zillion other new episodes of TV shows will attempt to lure your attention away from 8 to 10pm this evening, but The Bachelor has one thing those shows haven't got: A model who's willing to take her top off for attention!

Oh, and a real man's journey toward true love through exotic locations and emotional turmoil, blah blah blah we all know why we're really here.

And speaking of Courtney the Model, star of The Bachelor 16: The Courtney the Model Show, what do her mom and her t-shirt and Ben's best friend and Tom Brady have to say about her bra-less, shameless antics today?

Tom Brady was too busy eating all the ice cream to comment, but you can bet he'll be watching The Bachelor with Gisele and a box of wine tonight. Here's what the rest of those people/things had to say, in today's Bachelor roundup:

Courtney's Mom Says Ben Isn't Hot Enough: Courtney's mom Sherry told In Touch magazine that Courtney is "too good for Ben" and that he's not "hot enough" to be her daughter's future husband or victim or whatever. "Physically, he's not as handsome as the guys Courtney dates. [Courtney has] dated some really good-looking men." Your future mother-in-law sounds like a super nice lady, Ben! Aren't you glad you'll become a part of the family soon, Ben? BEN?

Courtney's T-Shirt Says "I Love to Love":
Is Courtney capable of experiencing love? Does she even know what it means? According to everything we've seen her say and do on TV, no. But according her t-shirt this weekend, YES! In the insightful words of The Daily Mail, who broke this HUGE story, "write caption here."

Ben's Best Bachelorette Bud Constantine Says Courtney is a "Devilish Vixen": In his latest blog about his friend-twin Ben's polyamorous adventure, Constantine did his best Jane Austen impression as he described that "devilish vixen" Courtney and her skinny dipping plot, which he calls the "antithesis" of her journey with Ben. But Connie ended up making Ben sound even worse: "Inside the room they sit and chat, again note the fear in our Bachelor's body language. It's as if he's snuck into the room of his first girlfriend, waiting with trained ear for the doorknob to turn so he can escape out a window." Uhhhh, what? That is weirdly specific. What are you trying to tell us, Constantine? (Besides that "antithesis" doesn't mean what you think it means?)

Tonight's Bachelor Sneak Peek Says That We're In for More of the Same: Courtney's "bare-chesting it" and telling Ben what her hotel room number is, Casey S. is crying because she got caught for having a boyfriend and Emily says that Chris Harrison "shows up only when there's something strange going on." Ain't that the truth.

Check out photos from tonight's episode:

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