Showtime's Californication: Meet the Cast
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Coming this summer is Showtime’s new series called Californication. In an effort to maintain its reputation for acclaimed series like Dexter and Weeds, the network has ordered 12 half-hour episodes of the dramedy that marks the return of David Duchovny on television.

Created by Tom Kapinos, Californication centers on a writer who struggles to juggle his busy career, his relationship with his daughter and his ex-girlfriend. A mix of comedy and drama sinks in as his appetite for beautiful women and his obsession with drugs interfere with his personal and professional life.

Read on to find out more about the cast of Californication.

Leading the series is David Duchovny who stars as Hank Moody, the distressed writer. Duchovny is a Golden Globe Award-winning actor famously known for his role on The X-Files as Fox Mulder. This 46-year-old native of New York holds a Master's degree in English Literature from Yale University. His other credits include Return to Me, Red Shoe Diaries, and Connie and Carla.

Playing Hank’s ex-girlfriend Karen is Natascha McElhone. This 35-year-old British actress has worked in films like The Truman Show, Killing Me Softly and City of Ghosts.

Joining the cast is Madeleine Martin who stars as Becca Moody, the 13-year-old daughter of Hank. Martin is noted for providing the voice of JoJo on JoJo’s Circus and various characters of Ice Age: The Meltdown. In addition, she has also made several television appearances on Law & Order, Law & Order: SVU, and Hope & Faith.

Other actors featured on the series are Evan Handler (Sex and the City, Law & Order, The West Wing) as Charlie and Madeline Zima (The Nanny, The Hand That Rocks the Cradle) as Mia.

Produced by Duchovny, Kapinos, Melanie Greene and Stephen Hopkins, Californication is scheduled to premiere on Monday, August 13 at 10:30pm ET/PT.

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