'Burn Notice' Video: Agent Pearce Needs Michael's Help in 'Last Rites'
'Burn Notice' Video: Agent Pearce Needs Michael's Help in 'Last Rites'
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
Michael Westen's relationship with his CIA contact, Agent Pearce, has been complicated, to say the least. And usually, it's Michael who needs Pearce's help. In the next Burn Notice episode, however, it's Pearce who turns to Michael. Find out why in this video clip from "Last Rites."

In "Last Rites," airing on USA on Thursday, June 28, Pearce (Lauren Stamile) finds out the identity of her fiancee's killer. Naturally, she isn't so happy about this and asks Michael for help in planning her revenge. Unfortunately, it's a little more complicated than that. The spies soon find out that the killer in question is actually under protection as a CIA asset. While all of this is going on, Fiona makes contact with a well-connected fellow prisoner to find out who tried to kill her.

This clip from "Last Rites" shows the initial meeting between Agent Pearce and Michael and Jesse. Check it out below:

We definitely have a twisted episode of Burn Notice going on here. And these don't seem like twists that are going to end well for everyone concerned.

What do you need to know from this (you know, if you don't feel like watching for yourself)?

  • Michael is unusually nervous before this meeting. Is it just a random attack of anxiety, or is there something else behind this?
  • That playground (or whatever it is) seen behind Pearce as she enters the cafe is possibly the most brightly colored thing I have ever seen.
  • Agent Pearce could teach many other TV characters a thing or two about the art of keeping a short story short.
  • Of course Anson Fullerton is behind this mess. He is one messed-up man. Of course, putting Pearce on the trail of a man she wants to kill (which would simultaneously put her in trouble with the CIA) does not seem to be the work of an innocent man. 
  • Based on Michael's response to the message, Anson isn't the only one who had time to read Pearce's personnel file.

"Last Rites" guest stars Lauren Stamile, Seth Peterson and Faran Tahir. The Burn Notice episode airs on Thursday, June 28 at 9pm on USA.

(Image and video courtesy of USA)