'Burn Notice' Recap: Can Michael Survive His Trip Down Memory Lane?
'Burn Notice' Recap: Can Michael Survive His Trip Down Memory Lane?
Megan Cole
Megan Cole
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In last week's episode, Michael let go of Fi and moved forward with Sonya and her organization. In tonight's episode, "Psychological Warfare", Michael is drugged and forced to confront his past. Will Michael be able to maintain his cover under such extreme circumstances? Read on to find out what the Burn Notice writers have in store for us this week.

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The Real Michael Westen

Michael has to put together a job history -- a detailed account of his entire career -- before meeting with Sonya's boss. When Michael questions the date and time of his upcoming meeting with the organization's leader, Sonya knocks him out.

Michael comes to in the midst of his meeting with Sonya's boss. Said boss refuses to give Michael his name and begins a long process of interrogation to see if Michael is who he says he is. Michael is put through days of questioning and sensory deprivation and manages to keep his story straight. But this is only the first test and there is more to come.

Michael is drugged and the interrogation continues. Thanks to the drugs, Michael begins to have hallucinations, some of which involve Dead-Larry. Michael's interrogator zeros in on his relationship with Dead-Larry and Michael reveals that during their years of working together, Michael crossed the line by killing several innocent people in order to take down a man who betrayed them. Michael is still haunted by the people he killed while working with Larry and that is why he makes sure his operations do not involve collateral damage.

Fi Goes After Michael

At the start of the episode, Michael tells Fi about his fling with Sonya, under the guise of wanting Fi to have all the information before continuing with the mission. Fi asks if he told her about Sonya because he wanted her permission to sleep with the enemy and Michael claims the mission is still the same, regardless of his connection to Sonya. Is Michael lying to Fi or himself when he says that nothing has changed? Does Michael tell Fi about Sonya to make her jealous or to drive a larger wedge between them because he believes they are truly over?

After Michael goes missing, Fi and Sam track Sonya, hoping she will lead them to Michael. Their plan works, but Sonya's organization has a lot of security and Michael's friends cannot get close enough to give him any aid. Yet Fi does manage to help Michael, as he has a vision of her during his captivity and vision-Fi gives Michael strength. In moments like these, it is impossible to ignore the connection between Michael and Fi.

Welcome to the Family

During his drugged state, Michael has flashbacks and visions of his abusive father. These scenes are not easy to watch, but they are worth it for Jeffrey Donovan's performance. This episode requires a lot from the show's leading man and Donovan delivers, elevating many of these scenes beyond the writing.

While Michael tries to deal with these visions of his father, Michael's interrogator comes up with a way to make sure Michael is not hiding anything. With Sonya's help, the interrogator sets Michael up for a potential escape and when Michael comes back, his interrogator is satisfied that Michael can be trusted. Michael's interrogator introduces himself as 'James' and welcomes Michael to the 'family'.

Michael's Demons

Throughout the episode, Michael deals with the things that haunt him, none more-so than his memories of his father. Once Michael is back home, he tells Maddy that Papa Westen is the reason he survived his brutal interrogation. For better or worse, Michael's father made him into the man he is today and that is something Michael has to come to terms with.

What did you think of tonight's episode? Did you enjoy seeing Dead-Larry again? Do you think Sonya knew Michael would make it through the interrogation or was she ready to step in, if needed? What did you think of James and is he the true leader of Sonya's organization or is there a higher-up Michael has yet to meet? Let us know your thoughts and theories in the comments section.

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