'Bull': How Dr. Bull and Diana Found Just the Right Amount of 'Real' in 'Dressed to Kill'
'Bull': How Dr. Bull and Diana Found Just the Right Amount of 'Real' in 'Dressed to Kill'
Meredith Jacobs
Meredith Jacobs
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Fashion week was murder in Bull's "Dressed to Kill" for Chunk's mentor, but it wasn't murder on Dr. Bull's relationship with "Texas Diana," as Chunk called her. When faced with the offer of a model's phone number, Dr. Bull had a decision to make: use it or take Diana up on her offer for a weekend.

Here are the moments that led up to that visit at the end of "Dressed to Kill."

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Dr. Bull Said a Text from Diana Was Just Her Attempt to Distract Him

She texted him in the middle of a fashion show, and while Chunk wanted to know if it was dirty, Dr. Bull brushed it off with, "She knows where I am. She's just trying to distract me," and put his phone away.

Dr. Bull Took the Easy Route During a Phone Call

Bull 118 call.jpgAfter small talk, he asked what she was wearing rather than bring up the case he was working on. "I do like you," she told him. "You are so easy." "Only with you," he replied. That led to talk about her having his pants and then telling him she wasn't wearing anything.

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Dr. Bull and Diana Upgraded to a Skype Call, But "Real" Wasn't Their Relationship

Why didn't he say anything about Nella during their previous call, she wondered. When he said it was complicated, she took it as, "It's too real. Not our relationship. I get it." And she repeated those words when she suggested he visit her for a weekend and he just said they should do it "sometime." "Not at all," he said this time about it not being their relationship, but their Skype call ended after that.

Dr. Bull Knew He Was Having Trouble Committing

As he told his client, who refused to let them suggest his fiancee could be the killer to the jury to save himself, "You found somebody. Somebody you're committed to. Some people can't even commit to a weekend."

Dr. Bull Visited Diana

Bull 118 visit.jpgRather than use his new assistant's friend's number, Dr. Bull went to visit Diana and asked, "If I said I missed you, would that be too real?" "Just right," she told him. 

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