9/4/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle
9/4/2007 BuddyTV SpoilerFix TVj session by Isabelle

Below is the transcript from SpoilerFix.com webmaster Isabelle's spoiler chat TVj session on Tuesday, September 4. For more spoilers, please visit http://www.spoilerfix.com

Welcome everyone to the 36th BuddyTV SpoilerFix Spoiler Chat Session.

During the next hour, I will answer your questions about your favorite TV series and give you spoilers on upcoming episodes!

I know some of you don’t want to be spoiled for all series we may mention tonight, so I’ll try to make it clear at the beginning of my answers which show I’m talking about so you can look away if needed. I’ll also put “extra juicy” warnings when I’m about to give extra dish that *may* be too much to handle.

karlyannsztuk said: Anything on NCIS or Supernatural?

SUPERNATURAL: We just received spoilers for a new episode titled "Red Sky at Morning." So expect to read spoilers about this episode in a day or two on the site.

ayelet27 said: hi anything on the mer-der situation on greys?

GREY'S ANATOMY: Nothing new since last week.

Lunaticbabe said: Will the special GA/PP episode be an "episode" or interviews and stuff, do you know?

GREY'S ANATOMY/PRIVATE PRACTICE: It's a special, not an episode. It will more than likely be a recap with possible interviews. ABC has not released details on it yet.

Lunaticbabe said: In Cold Case will the premiere pick up on Lily getting shot?

COLD CASE: I do not know. :(

kansesylar said: Anything on HEROES

HEROES: The Slug (http://asapblogs.typepad.com/theslug/2007/09/heroes-for-all.html) reveals that Maya will run into Sylar at some point in the upcoming season.

supernatural754 said: Anything for Psych or Numb3rs?

NUMB3RS: Episode 4.06 will be titled "In Security."

ophelia1201 said: How about the development of the character Emily Prentiss of Criminal Minds? Is she going to be a traitor?

CRIMINAL MINDS: Spoilers I get for CM are rather basic and sadly, nothing I've received so far revealed if she was a traitor or not.

shsx3 said: anything on october road?

OCTOBER ROAD: Here is a glimpse at spoilers we will soon post on the site: Episode 2.04 - One Around the Block: Ray's manipulative ex-wife Christine is back in town. She had first left Knight's Ridge for Boston to become a surgeon. She is not happy at all when she sees how much she is important to Ray ant he twins, leaving little space for Christine. It is possible that Christine becomes a recurring character. Aubrey's friend Taylor flirts with Ronnie.

ayelet27 said: anything new on ugly betty?

UGLY BETTY: Contrary to the rumors I mentioned last week, Henry will be a series regular. Meaning that he will be in more than 8 episodes.

VickiM said: Anything new regarding CSI?

CSI: *extra juicy* Okay, someone sent me some script pages for upcoming episodes and Sarah is never mentioned. So either she will indeed die, or her character will be written off, or her character is still on the show but not in those episodes.

shsx3 said: anything on desperate housewives


Lunaticbabe said: Anything in general on Grey's Anatomy?

GREY'S ANATOMY: No new spoilers but you can see the new cast pictures at: http://spoilertv-greysanatomy.blogspot.com/2007/09/season-4-promotional-photos.html

rreadmymind said: is there any way you can give the supernatural spoilers now? muahahaha

SUPERNATURAL: no as I don't watch the show and couldn't make sense of what I was sent. Jinnie will surely send me her summary of the spoilers we've received soon enough.

Lunaticbabe said: Any news on Private Practice other than that they will be getting their very own towel-scene courtesy of Addison's frisky dance moves?

PRIVATE PRACTICE: In an upcoming episode, a male young male nurse will get in trouble when treating various patients.

ayelet27 said: do you know what power david anders will have on heroes?

HEROES: No official word yet. Most say it's immortality. Some say it's something to do with insects. Although, I find that latter option rather weird... how could he be in feudal Japan and in the present if his powers has to do with insects?

iicesweetiieOx said: Hi Izzy and everyone else, this is my first time here! Do you have any spoilers on Law and Order: SVU? And if not, anything else new on ER?

Welcome to chat! I have nothing about SVU but I have something about L&O.

LAW & ORDER: In "Illegal," things turn ugly during an immigration rally at Central Park and an NYPD auxiliary officer, who is not allowed to carry a weapon while on duty but brought his own anyway, fires and kills one of the demonstrators. McCoy hires ADA Josh Lethem as special prosecutor. The latter doesn't perform as expected.

Lunaticbabe said: Have you heard anything more about Speedle on CSI Miami?

CSI: Nope. They are really good at keeping how he returns a secret! I can give you some MIAMI spoilers though:

CSI: MIAMI: In an upcoming episode (I think it might be 6.05), the team investigates the murder of sports legend Joe McClain, who was found stabbed by his wife, Elissa. The latter not only called the cops when she found her husband dead but also a cryogenics doctor because she hopes Joe will be brought back to life someday.

ophelia1201 said: any news about Prison Break? especially concerning Michael's life in Sona

PRISON BREAK: I do not have new spoilers for you, however, BuddyTV just posted an exclusive interview with Amaury Nolasco (Sucre). Check it out at http://www.buddytv.com/articles/prison-break/exclusive-interview-amaury-nol-10358.aspx. PB spoilers addicts will not find much spoilers in there, however, the interview is worth the read.

seanaus said: Hello everyone !!! Something new for Nip/Tuck ? Thanks

NIP/TUCK: Episode 7 will have scenes set at a sorority house. There is a party at the house where sugar daddies hang out with the young sorority sisters. I'm not sure it's in episode 7, but in one episode, either one character will buy a gun or someone will visit a gun shop to get info on a gun.

ayelet27 said: in prison break spoilerfix spoilers there is one regarding mahone doing something out of character with alot of ***** any insight as to what mahone will be doing?

PRISON BREAK: Most people say it's "save ___ life" or "take ____ life" the in between is unknown.

Oh, I stumbled on some HOUSE spoilers.... so here we go!

HOUSE: Expect Dr. House to do something out of character in the season premiere: he'll actually spend time with a patient and her family! Yep, that's right. He must do this because he is now working alone. Dr. Wilson convinces House he must gather new team members. To do so, House creates a sort of Survivor-like interview process.

You guys are quiet tonight! Must be because everyone is tired from school or work!

To go back to ophelia's question about Michael's life in Sona, if you want a glimpse, definitely check those first 17 minutes of the premiere. I know some sites still have it up and streaming.

genngee said: Friday night lights?

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS: Remember WonderJew who gave me FNL spoilers last spring for chats? Well, he sent me spoilers for episode 2.03. The Panthers lose in a blowout game at the hands of The Westwood Warriors. The new head coach quits immediately after the team is booed off the field. After the loss, the team sits in the 'Media Room' awaiting to hear what will happen next... and then Coach Taylor walks in and rallies the team into an impromptu practice. He is back as the new head coach of The Dillion Panthers!

rreadmymind said: haha, i'm watching an amazing tennis match

I like to multitask too!

genngee said: Men in Trees?

MEN IN TREES: Pictures from the premiere are lurking around the net. It seems that our spoilers sources has run dry as we received nothing more than those little people I talked to you about last week.

iicesweetiieOx said: eh, school, don't remind me...moving on,you have anything more on Ghost Whisperer? =]

GHOST WHISPERER: A sneak peek at spoilers we will post later this week? Episode 3.06 - Double Exposure: Melinda and Professor Payne talk with Claudia, a college professor that had a secret relationship with a student named Kevin, who has died recently in a car accident. His friend Sophie committed suicide and Melinda must try and get her to move on.

ayelet27 said: anything new on how i met your mother? anything regarding the mother?

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER: Nothing knew about the mother. Kitzzy is working on spoilers for us. I hope to have some to post this week.

metromedia said: Any spoilers for Brothers & Sisters?

BROTHERS & SISTERS: Nothing :,( I posted the last new spoilers on the site last week.

metromedia said: Is there a title for episode 2 of House?

HOUSE: Not yet. It seems production went back to leaking almost no spoilers this year.

ayelet27 said: any smallville spoilers? will clark and lana actually get together finally?

SMALLVILLE: Is Lana really Lana? It seems that they will get another shot but if the series stays true to the Superman mythology, they won't be together for long.

Lunaticbabe said: What show, new or returning, are you most looking forward to? I'm tied between Numb3rs and Grey's.

You really want me to list them all?

You can find my Fall 2007 watch list at http://theizzy.livejournal.com/236469.html.

alepayjor said: Anything on Bones?

BONES: Cam's sister will kiss Booth. The latter tells Cam about it and she freaks out thinking that her sister tried to steal him from her, even if the two aren't dating.

seanaus said: For Nip/Tuck the title for epi 5.07 is Dr Joshua Lee and for the next one, 5.08, is Duke Collins. Source : niptuckfrance.com

NIP/TUCK: Yep, that is right. I forgot to put the 5.07 title in my spoilers earlier. Thanks!

ayelet27 said: any news on who will not make it alive to season 2 on heroes (other then dl)?

HEROES: If you look at cast pics for the upcoming season, only DL is missing.

MoondustWolf said: I know someone already asked about Ugly Betty, but anything for any of the other characters?

UGLY BETTY: What other characters would you like to know about?

Lunaticbabe said: Cold Case spoilers?

COLD CASE: In "Wunderkind," we will meet Cheryl Carter, a bitter 30-year-old who stole her dead son's social security number; Augustine Bennett, a bird racer; and Delonte, a 19-year-old dealer.

genngee said: Is the whole crew back on Numb3rs? Seems some of them are not listed in the spoilers

NUMB3RS: Yes, everyone is back.

metromedia said: Any 24 spoilers?

24: Everything is quiet on the spoilers front. However, they cast new actors today: http://www.zap2it.com/tv/news/zap-wersching24casting,0,4500295.story?coll=zap-tv-headlines

Lunaticbabe said: ANything CSI (Vegas, Miami, New York) that you haven't revealed to us yet?

CSI: NEW YORK: In episode 4.07, "Commuted Sentences," the team meets up with Amber Stanton, the CEO of a publishing company. She and another woman, Fern Lazar, are rape victims who may have been in on a murder.

supernatural754 said: Anything for Smallville?

SMALLVILLE: There are no new spoilers. However, Kryptonsite just posted pictures for episode "Kara": http://www.kryptonsite.com/karagallery2-1.htm

ayelet27 said: is lana really lana?

SMALLVILLE: We don't know yet :'(

ayelet27 said: who will lexie grey be paired with?

GREY'S ANATOMY: If rumors are accurate: Alex.

supernatural754 said: Do you know how many more episodes of Psych we get before it takes a break?


heatherheater27 said: Any new Kyle XY spoliers?

KYLE XY: Episode 2.19 will be titled "First Cut Is the Deepest"

ophelia1201 said: a question about Ncis: Are there going to be any deaths in episode 1?

NCIS: Probably but no one from the main cast.

shsx3 said: is there any chance of george and izzie going together?

GREY'S ANATOMY: There is always a chance. It's a TV show! lol

suprnatralbabe said: Will Sam save Dean from the deal he made with the crossroads demon?

SUPERNATURAL: Since I don't watch the show (can't watch them all) and don't keep up with spoilers, I can't answer. Someone here knows the answer?

veltraz said: Anything on Dirt or Jericho?

Nope. I'm keeping an eye opened on DIRT spoilers. JERICHO started production but nothing came my way yet and I'm not sure it will. Remember how last year we didn't get spoilers for the episodes in the middle of the season. I suspect they decided to avoid spoilers leakage.

ayelet27 said: in the past there has been a rumor going around that one of the DH housewives was leaving the show... any insight on that?

DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES: The rumor is still going on. There is also word that a househusband will leave in February. No names have been mentioned. Some say it's Edie. Others say it's Bree (the actress maybe wanting time off to take care of her kids). All that is speculation.

Lunaticbabe said: Las Vegas?

LAS VEGAS: Expect funny scenes to happen when Cooper has Danny and Mike go buy a horse for his ranch. Funny scenes will begin when Mike admits he is allergic to horses!

MoondustWolf said: Re: UB characters: Any of them, honestly ^^ We gotten almost nothing about Ignacio or any of the Meades, but I'm just being an over-anxious fan, lol

UGLY BETTY: Ignacio will stay in Mexico for a while as his immigration papers are not completed. As for the Meaders, Bradford will marry Wilhemina (well, there will at least be the beginning of a wedding, I don't know if there will be a complete ceremony yet). It looks like Mama Meade is still serving time. I don't know much about Daniel and Alexis other than they'll have to deal with various investors.

alepayjor said: ER?

ER: Moretti's son will drop by the ER for a visit (not as a patient) this fall.

alepayjor said: one tree hill?

ONE TREE HILL: More about episode 5.03. It seems that Brooke bought a house by the river and there is a room for Peyton in it. Dan receives a picture of his grandson. Nathan plays basketball with his son. Haley tries to convince Quentin to come back to school.

suprnatralbabe said: Will Meredith and Lexie be competing for Derek?

GREY'S ANATOMY: Doesn't look like it.

shsx3 said: when does one tree hill start?

Sometime in 2008. The CW hasn't announced the firm date yet.

Lunaticbabe said: Is there any hope for a Ray/Neela ending on ER?

ER: Highly unlikely unless it happens at the very very end of the season. Right now, they are not planning to have Ray show up.

ayelet27 said: anything on the lucas-payton?

ONE TREE HILL: There is nothing to say about the two. They are not dating in the first half of the season.

shsx3 said: is there a chance of it coming any sooner if another show fails?

ONE TREE HILL: I doubt it but we never know. Some episodes will be produced and ready to air.

babettew54 said: Any spoilers for the upcoming The Closer finale?

THE CLOSER: We have not received spoilers for the finale yet, so I have nothing to share.

shsx3 said: does that mean they are dating in the second half? any brooke and lucas dating?

ONE TREE HILL: It means that I don't know what happens in the second half. Lucas is dating someone else. I don't recall her name but if you check the transcripts for past chats, you'll find it.

x0lildanca890x said: anything on lincoln heights? im sooo excited! twenty minutes :)

LINCOLN HEIGHTS: Sorry, I do not have access to spoilers for that series.

Lunaticbabe said: Is One Tree Hill in danger of cancellation since it's starting so late?

ONE TREE HILL: As long as people tune in when it returns, there is no danger. If people tune out, yet, danger will be lurking.

ayelet27 said: anything on scrubs?

SCRUBS: Not tonight. Kitzzy is working on spoilers.

x0lildanca890x said: is it true kyle xy isn't coming back until june?

KYLE XY: We will get the rest of the second season around April.

x0lildanca890x said: anything on gossip girls?

GOSSIP GIRL: The Gossip Girls get in a luxurious private hotel club thanks to a Maitre D' who lets them in. Jenny will try to con a police officer in the fifth episode we will see. A Wall Street man in his late 20s will send a bottle of wine to Jenny in the hope to woo her but things will get ugly when he discovers her age. A gross married man will hit on Blair while both are at a club.

x0lildanca890x said: do you know what happened nathan since he's in a wheelchair?

ONE TREE HILL: I have no idea and it wasn't mentioned in the info I received.

x0lildanca890x said: anything on pushing daises?

PUSHING DAISIES: Nothing new since last chat.

x0lildanca890x said: anything on wildfire? do you know when it premieres? i miss that show :(

WILDFIRE: I do not have access to spoilers for that show. As for when it premieres:

Two webpages you MUST bookmark to know when your favorite series return and when episodes are airing:



lizziefitz said: anything on Lost?

LOST: Everything is quiet on the LOST front. Sorry. However, there is this weird picture of what seems to be the door of a plane on which we can read "observation room"


Something new or old stuff they won't use?

kansesylar said: anything on the REAPERS

REAPER: Here is a sneak peek at spoilers we will soon post on the site: Episode 1.04: Sam is supposed to track down Herbert Bunsen, who was believed to have killed his wife with bugs, but he tells Sam that it was a woman named Gloria who he had an affair with who killed her. Sam eventually uses a broken toaster to zap Gloria back where she belongs. Source: SpoilerFix.com

Time for some random spoilers

30 ROCK: An upcoming episode will feature a cookie jar collector.

ALIENS IN AMERICA: In episode 1.04, "Help Wanted," after Gary gave the boys a speech about finances, Raja gets a job at a convenience job.

CANTERBURY'S LAW: One episode will introduce AAG Cooley, an attorney working for ADA Williams. Like Williams, he follows a "no prisoners approach" rule. The two of them are more than mentor and protégé.

LIFE: In episode 1.03, "Trickster," a wife is killed as she and her husband go back home from dinner. The husband, Peter, is suffering from amnesia. However, as more is discovered about the case, his memory begins to resurface but does he want to remember?

MOONLIGHT: Episode 1.04 (counting the pilot as 1.01), "Dr. Feelgood," Dr. Jeff Pollack, a newly turned vampire without a mentor is out on a rampage when bloodlust takes over him. Two new characters, Ed and David, will be introduced and may become recurring characters. Both are vampires who play "blood" poker (they bet vials of blood instead of poker chips).

VIVA LAUGHLIN: In the third episode of the season, Ripley steals Lenny Collins, a whale, from Nicky's casino in the hope that it'll help Viva Casino look better. Buddy's will is read and includes a shocking revelation that will make Bunny furious! The lawyer advises Bunny to not contest the will due to the fact that she doesn't sound totally innocent when Buddy's death is concerned.

WOMEN'S MURDER CLUB: Episode 1.03 - Train in Vain: Jill gives Claire's son Nate a ride home from soccer practice and he tells her that he overhead his mom say Jill is moving in with Luke. They are surprised to see Claire's husband's car at home in the driveway when they get there. The four women are puzzled when a triple murder occurs on a subway car.

THE NEW ADVENTURES OF OLD CHRISTINE: In episode 3.02, "Beauty Is Only Spanx Deep," Christine visits a plastic surgeon's office, where she sees Stan, the father from Ritchie's school that she had a brief personal relationship with. When she gets in to see the doctor, she realizes she was just feeling sorry for herself and she really doesn't want plastic surgery, but he snaps a picture and makes some adjustments on the computer then shows her a younger looking, more glamorous version of herself and she says let's do it.

I'll let you read ;)

ayelet27 said: so christine and richie's teacher didn't work out?

OLD CHRISITINE: Looks like it.

Before we end this chat, I wanted to announce that this was our last spoilers chat at BuddyTV. Fear not, we have found another way to give you spoilers for the shows we don't officially cover on the site and to give you extra dish about the "other shows" shows. Before I tell you what we'll do, I wanted to take a moment to thank the people at BuddyTV (Royce and Kimmie in particular) for supporting us throughout the past year and a half. After weighing the pros and cons of chats, the SpoilerFix.com staff and I have decided it would best to concentrate our energy and time differently. Did you know it takes me on average about 5 to 6 hours to prepare a 1-hour chat? <

As you have probably noticed, we added 4 new shows to our "other shows" line up on the site over the weekend (Californication, Friday Night Lights, October Road, Reaper) and plan to add more depending of if the series are picked up (eg. Gossip Girl, Moonlight) or if it seems that our spoiler sources will give us enough spoilers this season (eg. One Tree Hill).

How will we give you spoilers for the shows we don't cover on the site and used to spoil in chats only, you ask? Via our blog (http://spoilerfix.blogspot.com/). As soon as we have new spoilers for shows we don't official cover or extra spoilers for shows we cover on our "other shows" page, we will post them over our blog. We will also let you know on SpoilerFix.com's main page when we add spoilers to the blog.

How will this benefit you? You will not have to wait for the chat (or the transcript) to get access to those spoilers. We will also stop withholding for chat some spoilers for our fully-cover shows and will post them asap on the shows' pages. So you'll have all the same access but faster!

I may do spoilers chats here and there during the year but they will mostly be to answer your questions and not give spoilers. I’ll keep you posted.

Thank you for your support during the chats and towards the site. We hope that this change benefits everyone (you, the site visitors, and us, the SpoilerFix.com staff).

genngee said: Thanks for doing all of these! I have enjoyed them

And thanks for attending!

x0lildanca890x said: *thanks

My pleasure

You can read the latest spoilers about your favorite series at http://www.spoilerfix.com. If your question wasn’t answered in tonight’s session, feel free to email me or contact me via MSN at webmaster@spoilerfix.com.

So don't be a stranger to our site and blog for the latest spoilers :D

Lunaticbabe said: Looking forward to the new "way". Bye

I think it will be best in the end.

Thanks everyone!