Your Cable TV Guide is Burning Your Time and How to Stop It
Your Cable TV Guide is Burning Your Time and How to Stop It
I've been asked why someone should use BuddyTV Guide instead of just picking up the remote control and using the old cable TV guide. The short answer is that over the course of one year, you'll save nearly 3,000 minutes that you would otherwise burn on finding your remote, pressing Guide, and using the up/down arrows to see what's on TV. If you don't find something interesting to watch, you'll use the same remote to check out the On Demand library and use the up/down arrows to navigate through thousands of programs to find something to watch. If you don't find something interesting to watch there, you'll move to the DVR menu and see if there is something you recorded that would be good to watch.  Ultimately, you'll waste a lot of time trying to find something to watch. I know because I've wasted a lot of time using those old remotes and old TV guides that haven't changed for years.  

That's why we built BuddyTV Guide - we want to help everyone find content in less than 20 seconds.  It's a tall order but we believe that we've been able to solve it.  Here's how:

1) You select your favorite channels so that channels you don't watch never show up.  Imagine having a guide that only displayed the channels you watch, you'll find something to watch really fast.

2) Instead of using the up/down arrows or page up/page down on your remote to navigate through channels.  Try just flicking your finger to see channels flying.  It's better for your hands and wrists and it'll save you tons of time.

3) Use the filter knowing what you are in the mood for. If you are in a sports mood, just change the filter to sports and only sports programs will show. If you want reality TV, just set the filter to reality TV. Your old TV guide can't do that.
What could you do with an additional 3,000 minutes?

1) Spend more time actually watching Great TV rather than searching for it. You could watch 50 more new 60 minute TV shows.

2) Hang out with your friends and family more. It's like having an extra hour every week that you didn't have before.

3) Sleep more - it's like adding another 6 full days of 8 hours of sleep. That really sounds good!

So, stop using that old Cable TV Guide.  Stop burning your time. Try the free BuddyTV Guide and let us know if you are finding great programs to watch faster.

Andy Liu
Co-Founder and CEO