College Basketball - One Man's Quest for Discovery
Most people are frustrated and overwhelmed because they have too much information coming at them on a daily basis. Advertisements, deadlines, play-dates, and meetings bombard people everyday. Take Michael, for example. He works full time in sales and his wife and kids are always depending on him to hold the family together. Everyone has their own demands and needs, but what about Michael? When does he get a minute to sit down and enjoy what he loves most - college basketball?

photo-3.PNGThe only time Michael knows when college football is on is when a co-worker tells him. He's been thinking recently how he can possibly enhance his free time and discover college football more easily. He doesn't want to waste time searching for what to watch on TV. He needed some suggestions on how to cut to the chase - just watching college football.

Michael's kids are more up to date on technology, so he thought it would be worth asking them how to tap into the sports world on TV. His son couldn't help because he was locked in his room playing Halo 4. Of course. His daughter was the next best choice, she must know of something technically advanced. Heck, she was born during the Internet boom, she has to know about that stuff. Unfortunately she is too busy in front of the computer, usually on Pinterest. Michael doesn't even want to know what Pinterest is, he just wonders what happened to the good old days where reading a book was fun.

The unique thing about Michael and others in his age group - they don't want to know everything that's available to them, they just want someone to help or tell them exactly what to do. Luckily for Michael, he did some searching on the Internet and came across the BuddyTV Guide app. At first glance, he saw it was free to download to his iPhone - good start. Then he saw that the app just recently added a sports quicklist that gives info on all upcoming sports programming - even better!

Nowadays Michael can rest easy knowing that he has an easy-to-use app that works around the clock to bring him college basketball information. Every day when he opens his BuddyTV Guide app he touches the Live Sports Quicklist and scrolls down the screen in the hopes that college basketball games are on. When he finds some that he's free to watch, he sets an alert so the app will send him a message right before the game starts. Michael really has found a good friend in his BuddyTV Guide app, a friendship that will last all season long.

Click here to download the FREE BuddyTV Guide app! Enjoy!

Written by: Lindsay Hersh