An NBA Love Story
An NBA Love Story
Meet George. He's a modern day sports-lover who tries to watch all the NBA games he can. He has a few favorite teams that he follows and a busy personal schedule. He's always looking for efficient ways to discover basketball on TV, especially because his free time is so precious.

In the past, George would check his local newspapers for NBA airing schedules. If the newspapers didn't have the information he wanted, he would ask his neighbors or friends. However, as the Internet made sports TV listings more accessible over the years, he would rely on his open-ended searches to find NBA airings.

Although these methods may be routine for George and perhaps others, there is a much better option that will save time and energy. It's called the "Live Sports" Quicklist in the BuddyTV Guide App.

Today, George can find his sports TV listings easier with the addition of the "Live Sports" Quicklist in the BuddyTV Guide app. Whether he's sitting on his couch at home or planning ahead at work, the app is always accessible on his mobile device.

All he has to do is open his BuddyTV Guide app and select the "Live Sports" Quicklist. He instantly has access to all upcoming airings of popular sports on TV. Choosing which game to watch is a whole other story, time to invest in multiple TV's! :-P 

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Written by: 
Lindsay Hersh