Brody Jenner Ends His Search for 'Bromance' Tonight
Brody Jenner Ends His Search for 'Bromance' Tonight
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Perhaps best known for his appearance on MTV's The Hills, Brody Jenner will finally name the winner of his reality series Bromance after six installments. Brody's search for “bromance,” which he defines as “a bond between you and your go-to guy,” started on December 29, 2008 with nine men competing in challenges in an effort to become his close friend.

Last week, the contestants got a taste of Hollywood – Brody Jenner-style – when he committed the ultimate bro crime and deceived them.  The remaining four guys thought that they were going to help him market his new jean company as Brody used fake designers, make-up artists, and paparazzi to make it seem like a genuine red carpet gala.  Unbeknownst to them, Brody just wanted to see how well the guys could handle themselves in the limelight.  By the end of the episode, it got down to Luke and Alex.  And since Luke stayed strong the whole competition, Brody decided to send Alex home.

In tonight's Bromance finale, the three remaining contestants, consisting of Luke, Femi and Chris F., battle it out to win a spot into Brody's circle of friends, the keys to a luxury LA bachelor pad and a brand-new Toyota Scion.  But it won't be that easy.  Brody's mom steps in to put the remaining hopefuls through a lie-detector test to find out who should stay and who should go home.  Of course, one contestants is sent packing while Brody heads to the hometowns of he final two contestants to meet their friends and families before naming the winner of Bromance.

Meanwhile, Brody disproves the notion that he won't be hanging out with his chosen “bro” once his reality series wraps up.  When asked by The Associated Press if he's really going to be friends with the winner, he says absolutely.

“It actually sucks because I can't hang out with him right now while the show is airing because then people will know who I picked,” Brody said.

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-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: MTV, Associated Press
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