'Breaking Bad' Final Season Premiere Date and More AMC News
'Breaking Bad' Final Season Premiere Date and More AMC News
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
Senior Writer, BuddyTV
The end is near for Walter White. Today AMC announced that the final eight episodes of the Emmy-winning drama Breaking Bad will premiere on Sunday, August 11 at 9pm. In addition, AMC revealed a number of new shows in development, renewals for several of its unscripted shows, and more premiere dates for new and returning programs.

The second half of Breaking Bad's fifth and final season launches in August, meaning that, if it airs with no breaks, the series finale will come on September 29. It will also help launch two new shows airing Sunday nights.

At 10pm starting Sunday, August 11, AMC will premiere Low Winter Sun, a drama starring Mark Strong and Lennie James. The show revolves around the Detroit criminal underworld as a detective gets wrapped up in the seedier side of the law after he murders a fellow cop. I'll try to hold off on "Isn't that just The Shield?" comments until I see it.

Additionally, AMC will try to replicate the success of the post-Walking Dead show Talking Dead with Talking Bad, a live show airing Sundays at 11pm starting on August 11 that will analyze and discuss the episode of Breaking Bad airing earlier that night.


Small Town Security, the unscripted show following a family-run security firm in Georgia, returns for season 2 Thursday, May 9 at 10pm.

Showville, a new reality competition that highlights a talent show in a small town, premieres Thursday, May 23 at 9pm.

Owner's Manual, a new reality show, debuts Thursday, August 15 at 9pm. Each week two men will go head-to-head to operate a complicated piece of machinery or technology, with one following the manual to learn how it works while the other throws out the rules and uses nothing but his instincts.

The Pitch, the Mad Men-esque reality competition where two ad agencies compete for a client, returns for season 2 Thursday, August 15 at 10pm.

As previously announced, The Killing returns for season 3 Sunday, June 2 at 8pm (moving to 9pm the following week) and the third season of Hell on Wheels is back Saturday, August 3 at 9pm.


Talking Dead, the Walking Dead talk show, will be back to comment on the upcoming fourth season of the zombie drama. Additionally, Comic Book Men was picked up for a third season while circus sideshow reality series Freakshow will return for season 2.


Aside from all of these premieres and renewals, AMC also announced a large development slate of scripted and reality shows. None of these are officially picked up, but here's what AMC is working on.

Ballistic City: A futuristic drama about a cop aboard a spaceship headed for an unknown world, produced by the people behind the upcoming films Oblivion and Pacific Rim.

King: A period drama set in the 1960s where a Florida man teams up with a racist organization to get elected to the Senate, only to get appointed by LBJ to campaign for civil rights in the South. It's executive produced by MSNBC's Joe Scarborough.

Ashland: A 1950s drama about a California family who moves to a Kentucky mining town.

White City: A drama about diplomats and journalists living in Afghanistan.

Untitled Dahvi Waller Project: From a producer/writer of Mad Men, this 1920s drama follows a pair of brothers involved in the New York automobile industry.

Untitled Tim Lea Project: Set in the near future, this drama follows the conflict between an oppressive U.S. government and a movement to begin the second American Revolution.

The Wall: A 1960s drama about an American businessman who gets involved in Berlin espionage.

Majority Rules: An unscripted show that follows the political process from the grass roots level.

All-Star Celebrity Bowling: It's exactly what you think it is.

Cancelled: A social experiment that puts cameras in six families' houses and then sees which one can get the highest "ratings" or viewers.

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